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Using The Power of Crisis to Find Yourself

Using The Power of Crisis to Find Yourself

"We only know the light if we see the darkness." - Luke Carter

“We only know the light if we see the darkness.” – Luke Carter

You must lose yourself to find yourself. It’s a phrase we’ve all heard, and most of us can understand the truth behind the words, but what does it really mean to find ourselves? Do we need to go to crisis point or take drastic action in order to do so?

This post will aim to answer some of the questions, and to hopefully provide a useful reflection and analysis of what it means to find yourself, and your path.

In order to begin we must explore crisis. What is crisis and how does it change us?

If you’ve ever noticed, when people are in situations that they didn’t expect, on a greater scale than their inner strength, emotions or mind can handle, something happens. People group together, people start praying, wishing and hoping, despite perhaps not being religious or spiritual – people surrender to something higher.

First of all, this is not weak. It takes a lot of strength and courage to surrender in this sense, because in order to do so, we must trust, and open up to support – support from something greater.

In true situations of crisis, sometimes this is easier, because we are hard wired to revert to our instincts when things are out of out depths, but in everyday life, and with the “smaller” things, it takes courage, strength and trust to do this more so.

By smaller things, this is not to say less important. In fact arguably, small decisions and daily life choices are the foundations of our journey and experience of life – so in this sense, the most important, and the focus of this post.

All of us share the same response in true crisis, but we must work on our ability to “surrender to the light” in every day situations, in balance between trusting the Universe and ourselves. Usually we only use our thinking minds and experience.

Using our thinking minds and experience are essential of course, but it’s equally important to listen – to surrender to our hearts, and the greater powers of the Universe, because this is where help, guidance and life’s treasures are.

You could say fear drives this survival instinct to the surface, and that is largely correct. Feeling out of our comfort zone, feeling helpless, feeling desperate, all pave the way for the light of life to be called into play – to help us. We usually call on the light of life when we feel helpless and scared, but it doesn’t have to be so.

You see when we surrender, and are willing to listen and trust in life to “save” us and help us, something magical begins to unfold. We surrender to the light of life, and the light of life knows us, it knows life. The light of life provides support, guidance, inner strength, a feeling of connection to love, and everything good.

That is why often we hear of people that have gone through extreme trials and tribulations, and were driven to the point of despair – where even the non-religious pray and live in hope – that we hear of amazing stories of recovery, new found inner strength, and a miraculous journey thereafter.

Out of the darkness, and into the light – life’s miracles manifested, because someone trusted and listened, and was willing to accept the blessing and non-material riches of the world – they surrendered in a moment of despair to something greater, and in doing so they received guidance and wisdom from their higher selves, The Universe, God – Love.

We all accept that the above is true, but what about in every day life, where we don’t have a true crisis so to speak. We may be lost, sad, have depression and feel completely powerless in finding the key to our own happiness and peace. This may not be life and death, but if not resolved, it can amount to a life lacking living – and it doesn’t have to be this way.

We simply have to stop for a moment, and listen. We must surrender our Ego for the minute and Listen to our heart and Soul. It may not be instant, because we might not be used to listening in this way, but with practise, the volume of the heart and Soul will increase, gently improving our connection to them – so that in every day life, we can learn to take action that comes from the love and guidance of these places – and when we do that, we are set to live life in the light.

We can then listen to the music of Love and receive all the guidance we need, right when we need it, from our Angels and Guardian Angels, and from the Universe – all we have to do is ask and listen – take the route of courage and surrender to this.

We all have a choice to make, whether to choose light or darkness. Many never realise that the only thing God didn’t give us power to do was to close the door. Whatever we choose is what we get. When we experience difficulty, hardship and everything else that many of us know well, we sometimes think that God has turned his back on us – but in fact it is the other way around.

It takes greater courage to appreciate that we are the ones responsible for the events and content of our lives. Many struggle, relating something bad happening with something outside of their control, but deep down they were just wading through the darkness with the lights turned off.

Obviously life also presents tests and challenges for a reason, and they either serve 2 purposes (or 1 if you really think about it). If we are lost, we keep getting tested and challenged, and this causes us to grow, and go in search of, or discover the light (hopefully) – or if we are following our hearts, we will also meet challenges in order to grow, and gain the necessary skills in order to evolve, and reach our dreams – with the journey all making perfect sense once we achieve those dreams.

Many forget another secret to life – they are looking for a bypass of events to get to a destination. That’s always going to be empty, because by reaching a goal, whatever it is, the joy is arriving and then looking back at the journey with a smile, and experiencing the great journey of life along the way.

“We only know the light if we see the darkness.” – Luke Carter.

It’s kind of like the Ego and the Soul. We only know what the Soul wants because of the Ego’s presence, and vice versa.

We attract what we believe, but maybe all we need to do is just trust in ourselves and listen to our heart and soul, and never let the Ego get in the way. Let it guide us back to the light, but never live in the shadows – live in the light.

After all, it is said that the Kingdom of God is within us all, and whether we are religious or not, the light comes from within. It’s your light.

Flick the switch.

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