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Types of Psychic Medium & Developing Your Psychic Medium Abilities

Types of Psychic Medium & Developing Your Psychic Medium Abilities

Types of Psychic Medium & Psychic Medium Abilities

Types of Psychic Medium & Psychic Medium Abilities

There are 4 main types of psychic medium, which relate to the ways in which they receive and process the information via their perceptions and senses. These 4 types are:

  1. Emotional medium

Emotional mediums are able to connect with the emotions of Spirit, and as such feel things. This skill is known as Clairsentience – meaning clear feeling.

Arguably this type of medium may be more empathic, and therefore perhaps more naturally aligned to channel from even higher realms also, such as Sprit Guides and Angels.

  1. Mental medium

Mental mediums are able to connect with the thoughts of Spirit, which they are able to distinguish in their minds as separate to their own thoughts. This skill usually comes through as Clairaudience – meaning clear hearing. This type of medium may be more likely to also receive intuitive messages or inspirations, in a telepathic way, which is known as a skill called Claircognizance – meaning clear knowing.

  1. Physical medium

Physical mediums are able to connect with the physical aspects of Spirit, which can manifest as feelings or sensations such as touch, pain, temperature change, headache and gut feelings, amongst others.

Often physical mediums have a strong connection to nature and animals, and could also be thought of as Shamanic mediums. These sorts of mediums make great animal communicators and are often drawn to the healing properties of plants.

Another skill often associated with physical mediums is Psychometry – the ability to hold an object and tune in to the information and vibrations present in it’s spirit / from the energy of a previous owner etc. These sorts of mediums can hold a photograph of a loved one for example and connect to them in this way, based on direct physical touch. Arguably other senses will also come into play in various degrees, such as smell and vision, which can feed back into the process – or be part of the outcome.

Other communications may manifest via the skills of Clairalience – meaning clear smelling or Clairgustance – meaning clear tasting.

  1. Spiritual medium

Spiritual mediums are able to connect to Spirit in a very literal and ethereal way. Usually the most common type of skill here comes through as Clairvoyance – meaning clear vision.

This type of medium may have flashes of imagery, be it from dreams, visions, seeing ghosts, lights, colours, Angels, Guides and anything of the ethereal realm.

Spiritual mediums, which are commonly known as Clairvoyants, are thought of more as psychics than all the other types, when in fact, they just have a different method of receiving communication from Spirit. Arguably spiritual mediums will also be likely able to channel information from the higher realms.

For more information, visit our psychic mediums and psychic medium readings page, which also explains the difference between a psychic a psychic medium.

In short, any of these skills can also be done without being a psychic medium (receiving information directly from Spirit without the need for a physical body), compared to psychic (perceiving information from body / spirit). Confused yet?!

You can develop both psychic and psychic medium skills, so keep your eyes and ears open!

What Type of Psychic Medium Reading Do You Want?

Overall, it is fair to say that these are approximate categories and nearly all skills can overlap to varying degrees, with some readers being gifted and / or developed with many different skills and preferring different reading types, so it all depends on your reader and your preferences, as to what type of reading you would like to have.

For example if you would like to connect emotionally to a loved one, an emotional psychic medium would be required, and likewise, if you wanted to hear your loved ones, then a mental psychic medium would be required. But in reality, although readers do have their gifts and own preferences, you’ll likely find overlaps in many ways. Just search for a psychic medium reader you feel a connection with.

If you are searching for an online psychic medium – rest assured that distance is not an issue as your reader will be using their psychic gifts to connect and read for you.

You’re A Medium

All of the above types of psychic medium skill can be directly relatable to most of us (probably all of us), as we all have psychic medium abilities, also known as being Intuitive.

The thing is, all of us are born with the ability to contact the spirit world to varying degrees, and in various ways. Some are more psychic medium when they were younger but got scared, or suppressed their skills because they may have been ridiculed, and some may have developed more refined abilities after some sort of trauma, as the body’s way of protecting itself in future by way of increase intuition.

Whatever the individual reasons, we’re all born with a different set of skills, and we all use them naturally in daily life. Just maybe we don’t realise it.

Some choose to further develop their gifts and some don’t, and that’s a matter of personal calling and desire to do so – sometimes we receive all the guidance we need… if we just listen closely enough.

Our natural abilities make us good at different things, for example a more Clairaudient person would be able to imagine and create music, and may make an excellent musician or songwriter. It is these natural abilities that make us good at different things.

Understanding and developing psychic medium abilities and the Clairsenses is outside the scope of this article, however there is a good article you may wish to read here called: Intuition 101: Developing Your Clairsenses.

How Psychic Are You?

If you want to check your abilities, then there’s a handy test for psychic medium abilities. Let us know how you get on!

What are your experiences? What type of psychic medium readings do you like? Have you developed your own psychic medium abilities?

How did you get on? Did you take the test? Share your results & leave us a comment below!

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