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The Incredible Benefits Of Burning Incense

The Incredible Benefits Of Burning Incense

Benefits of burning incense

Incense is burned all around the world – from the monasteries in Nepal to people’s homes in every corner of the globe; with one goal in mind – we are looking to improve our relaxation and spirituality. In this article we explore some of the benefits of burning incense.

What is incense?

Incense is simply various blends of botanical oils, plant resins and fragrances, usually derived from plants, added to a base which aims to keep the compressed organic matter burning with a re-assuring glowing ember without flame – spreading delicate and unmistakably intoxicating aromas around the place in which they are lit.

Incense is therefore available in a wide variety of different fragrances, with some of the most popular being Nag Champa (our favourite), Sandalwood, Patchouli, Frankincense and Myrrh.

Incense is also available in different forms, such as incense sticks and incense cones. Each have different burn characteristics, such as the sticks burn uniformly for about 35-40 minutes, depending on width and length, and the cones burn for around 25 minutes, progressively getting stronger as the incense burns down the cone. Of course there are many different sized incense sticks and cones to choose from – and it’s all down to personal choice. You can even get incense logs!

How do you light incense?

Lighting incense is easy. You simply light the end with an open flame, leave the flame burning for around 5-10 seconds, and then blow the flame out. The incense should then begin to glow, and it’s the embers that keep the incense burning.

Please bear in mind that you should always place incense on a heatproof surface such as ceramic or clay, or in an incense burner designed for the sticks, cones or logs. Incense should never be left unattended due to potential fire risks.

That’s it – now you can enjoy a beautiful fragrance of your choice all around your home, place of mediation or wherever you require the delicate scents of incense.

What is incense used for?

Burning incense is an ancient tradition. Incense is burned for a variety of important reasons, and is effectively a type of spiritual aromatherapy.

Different scents have different effects on our body’s energy system, based on the unique signature of each incense blend, which arises from the vibrational characteristics of the organic components that make up that particular blend.

For example some incenses may make you feel energetic, some may support focus and some may help you to relax.

There are also other effects and reasons for which people use incense, such as to help with spiritual work like psychic readings, divination, cleansing, meditation and light work – all of which rely on our intention to build and expand on our spirituality. The incense provides a perfect backdrop in which to let the mind resonate to that higher purpose, with different incenses being more suited to particular goals.

How to choose the right incense for you

Choosing the right incense is important based on your intention, as spoken about above. If you are just starting off you can search for incense based on these goals, and you will find a list of incenses that are suitable.

However it is often best to find a local store that you can visit to smell the incense in person. Scents are so individually suited that often reviews don’t really help you to choose incense that’s right for you.

Of course you can just read the fragrance description and reviews if you are shopping for incense online – and while you are doing so, why not buy a few different incense blends? Incense is cheap to buy online, so it makes sense to try some different blends to see which ones you like – and it’s great having a collection of different incenses at home, so that you can pick whatever you fancy, depending on your mood and goals.

What are the benefits of burning incense?

Aside from the different purposes we have briefly covered above, burning incense is extremely harmonising to the immediate environment, and can help to create positive surroundings, in which you can clear your mind and focus on the delicate and long lasting fragrances contained within the incense.

The benefits of burning incense include lifting your mood, raising your awareness, focusing your senses, and allowing you to appreciate your body and mind more as one, rather than focusing on your thoughts. For this reason many choose to burn incense as a backdrop to their meditation, as the incense helps heighten your awareness; and with increased awareness, your meditation will greatly improve. And of course, depending on the blend of incense chosen, your meditation goals can be tailored accordingly.

Incense can also be used to further heighten psychic awareness, allowing one to become more in tune with one’s extrasensory thoughts through the calm power and extension of one’s mind. This can include divination and light work, as well as being great for setting the mood for almost any psychic work imaginable.

Incense has an incredible power to cleanse the home or place of quiet of any negative energy, and as such many choose to use incense to cleanse crystals that have absorbed negative energy over time, refreshing them for further use.

Impressive stuff – and of course you don’t have to use incense for any of the above, you can just use it as a great way of experiencing exotic and intoxicating scents from around the world – and with a wide range of decorative incense burners available, you can also burn your incense in keeping with your home and surroundings.

Take home message about the benefits of burning incense

Whatever your interest in incense, it is a fantastic addition to any environment. After all, everyone can do with a bit of extra time to themselves, relaxing and bathing in the therapeutic blooms of delicate floral and herbal fragrance.

You could also consider aromatherapy essential oils for this purpose, used in an oil burner or aroma diffuser – but for the purpose of this article, go and get yourself a bunch of incense sticks, cones or logs and sit back, relax and reflect on life.

So now that you know some of the benefits of burning incense, we hope that you can discover a place of calm and peace in which to reflect and grow. Enjoy, and remember that peace is created from within.

If you would like to make sense of your life’s reflections in more detail, then you can always speak to one of our expert psychic readers, who will be happy to help you discover more about yourself, so that you can find your own inner peace.

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