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Stop Being Anti-Social To Yourself – The Importance of Self-Love

Stop Being Anti-Social To Yourself – The Importance of Self-Love

This is what I want - Luke Carter quote

This is what I want – Luke Carter. Warm Weather On Holiday – No Signal – Do Not Disturb!

Wow, what a topic! Nearly everyone underestimates the important of self-love, and at the time of writing, it’s coming up to Valentine’s Day, which is very fitting. When you accept more love you can give more love – so it’s good for everyone!

Self-love is an essential component of the great circle / cycle of giving and receiving.

If you’ve read some of our other articles, then you will know that giving and receiving are the same thing, and by giving what we don’t have (according to the Ego), we are also giving to ourselves, thereby uncovering the fact that whatever we were giving, was already ours – joy, peace, love, compassion – all the best gifts.

This also translates to material things, because when we can surrender these, our Soul feels good, and when we feel good, we attract more of what we want. Just let go and trust in life to deliver all that is our (and it’s all ours if we truly desire).

The Kingdom of God is within us all is the phrase. And it’s true.

The Soul understands this, but the Ego struggles. The Ego serves to fuel the cycle and keep achieving, and this is great actually, but then we can keep receiving!

We can receive all the blessings that come with the satisfaction, education, joy and love of achieving our dreams – thanks Ego!

We’ve written many a word on these topics, so the above intro will suffice to lead on to our topic of discussion – The Importance of Self-Love.

Many start down this road of giving, and they give to receive, which is fair enough, and we’ve covered this before also. But when we give without expectation, then the dynamic shifts. We are no longer a slave of guilt, unworthiness etc. For example, doing things because we feel that we need to do this in order to receive.

It doesn’t actually matter about any of this – as long as we feel worthy.

So let’s take it a step further to what actually happens – we get slightly confused with the concept of giving to receive. Until we realise that actually, giving and receiving is the same thing!

When we truly give without expectation, we surrender to ourselves, put the “lack” aside that the Ego (temporarily) created, and we begin to walk into the light. We feel the blessings from within – because they were already ours. And the one little snippet that can turn all of this around is Self-Love.

Without self-love, we will not understand the feelings of love when we give and receive (to others and ourselves), because we are blocking our own needs.

Unfortunately, many are in the same boat, they give to receive out of unworthiness, insecurity, guilt etc., and the cycle never truly works, because in order to switch to this wavelength described above, where you give without expectation to receive, you have to have the capacity to feel like you deserve the gifts first.

This allows us to give without expectation more easily, because we are allowing ourselves to feel good about giving (both to ourselves and others, because it’s the same thing, just a different end of the process). We can then accept the gifts, and the giving and receiving energy (the carrier of all the gifts), can come full circle.

Otherwise, we start the giving process off on the wrong foot, and you can never feel good when you act out of unworthiness!

We’ll follow up with this example. Imagine 2 people, one doesn’t feel good about themselves, and one does. Let’s say they are both charitable people.

Person that doesn’t feel good, but are good: They will drain their energy, even though they want to give, they cannot properly, because they have low energy because they feel unworthy, because the way they give is like a blackmail, with no acceptance of the receiving part of the process for themselves. The result is that they give, but get “bad luck”, hard times, and then they give even more because of this, and burn out. They often worry too much, thereby drawing more of the same.

Unfortunately, feeling unworthy is more of a trait of the “nicer” people in life, which is why we see things happen to these nice people. Now we know why, and we can change!

Stay tuned for the solution to this.

The person that does feel good, and are good: Well, they give because they feel truly good. They give without expectation, even though they know they receive in other ways, because they deserve to feel good and receive the gifts of life. They instantly feel great about giving for the sake of giving. Their resulting energy is high (starts with the inner energies of deserving and acceptance), and they receive more gifts, feel even better, and can give more in this way because of their sustainable energy; and it is because they have magnetised and pulled more gifts through them, because they felt they deserved) – that they now have even more power to give and FEEL even better. They give to feel good, and this could be called selfishness, but it’s actually called Divine selfishness, because God gives because he feels good.

This is the charitable person that knows their self-worth, and good things happen to them. This is more rare because the “nicer” person has to realise that it’s not selfish to accept the gifts.

Let’s explore this from another angle.

The “not so nice” person who has all they “want”: Well this is all down to believing they want the best and being selfish about it. Less “bad things” happen to them, but the way they are living is also not sustainable, because although they have an easier time getting what they want, because they have the trait of feeling deserving (everyone has this right), they are not in tune with giving, so eventually the cycle will also burn out; but in a way, they have more energy for themselves because they believe they deserve it. They are often not happy inside however, because they don’t understand the true joy of giving without the expectation of receiving.

Sometimes people don’t give because they “want” all for themselves because they feel unworthy, bad about themselves, insecure etc. And they have coped by allowing themselves to be showered with gifts.

Life will try to show them the way, and hopefully they will discover the true gifts of heaven. This type of person also needs some inner work, in order to allow them to approach things from a different angle, and discover the complete circle of giving and receiving. Then they will be able to have all the heavenly gifts of more peace, love etc., rather than just more material masking tape, and perpetuating cycles of want, with no fulfilment inside.

This type of person is quite common, and it’s a sign that something needs to change.

The “nasty” person who doesn’t feel they deserve anything: This is more rare, but can happen. It’s not really worth talking about, because it could be extremely complex, and may not even exist!

The Solution To All

Reward Yourself Angel Oracle Card

Reward Yourself Angel Oracle Card

The solution to all of the above situations is inner work. To work on feeling more deserving. The more generous person needs to recognise his or her own needs, and feel worthy. Because they are more likely to be sensitive, it’s easier for this person to feel guilty, and then attract problems and feel even more unworthy, but this can all be changed with some inner work. If the problems arise from past traumas, as most do, then they must deal with these first.

The more selfish person may have directed their lack of self-worth into selfishness, so they too have only one half of the cycle. They are holding back their true sense of peace, happiness, love and joy also. This is temporary and needs to be resolved.

Again inner work can help to remove and dissolve insecurities, traumas, and low self-worth and the balance can begin to tip into a healthy sense of self-worth, with less need to “hang” on to everything in a selfish way. They will then be able to discover the miracle of both giving and receiving, and the resulting joy and love, finding peace within them, as they move towards the light.

Check out our article on EMDR and Hypnotherapy for Post Traumatic Stress for a great avenue to deal with these demons and grow into the deserving person you DESERVE to be.

So you see, it’s all about how much love we are giving to ourselves. To give love, as it is a gift from within (as are all the other true gifts), we must radiate it; and what we give, we receive.

Work on your sense of self-worth and all these scenarios will melt away, apart from the “good person that gets good”, which you will become.

You Deserve It (Everyone Does)

So next time you feel like you don’t deserve, you do. And it’s up to you to take action to restore that belief and balance in yourself. Teach people how to treat you AND remember that like attracts like (from a good book called “Ultimate Energy – How To Get From Tired To Inspired”).

So go forth, grow, and discover The Importance of Self-Love, and work from a place of healthy motivation from the Ego, rather than weakness. This is strength, and although the Ego needs achievement – give it achievements, but on your terms.

It will feel even better than ever, and you’ll spend more time with your Soul – and that’s the only thing that really exists – the rest is just an illusion. It’s there as a reminder to seek the higher gifts by living your life, rather than standing still.

Enjoy the gifts of life, and feel good about them – material and spiritual. You deserve that good wine, that bottle of beer, that holiday – and you also deserve to feel what it’s like to give without expectation – for this is the magic of the world.

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