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Clairvoyant Readings Online

Clairvoyant Readings Online

Clairvoyant Readings Online

Clairvoyant Readings Online

More often associated with psychic mediums, although also a psychic skill without mediumship, Clairvoyance is one of the most well-known psychic skills.

Clairvoyance can be defined as follows:

  • Clairvoyance (where the reader is known as a Clairvoyant). This is a skill whereby the reader can see visions and make sense of what the visions are showing them. These visions could either be a person, or something more abstract, gained from their extrasensory vision.

A clairvoyant, as defined above, is a psychic that has the ability to see things through their extrasensory skills. Usually associated with mediumship, clairvoyancy can be understood more by reading below.

There is a clear distinction between those who use their psychic gifts to see energy such as auras with the presence of a physical body, and those who can see things directly from Spirit, without the need for a physical body. It’s the difference between perceiving (psychic) and receiving (psychic medium).

All psychic mediums must have psychic abilities in order to filter down and understand the communications directly from Spirit, through their natural extensions of senses.

Clairvoyants are mainly associated with visions of the future; however, they may also see the past and the present, as they can either by psychic or psychic medium, or both psychic medium and psychic, as touched upon above, as Clairvoyance is a way to interpret information. It’s the source that differentiates.

The differences and similarities between psychics and psychic mediums can be explored on our linked page above, but for now we’ll concentrate on Clairvoyance and Clairvoyant Readings.

Clairvoyants May Use Other Psychic Skills and Tools

Clairvoyants may also use psychic tools to assist their readings, both improving the accuracy and providing confirmation through various different sources to the client, also potentially uncovering information from different angles, as the methods dictate. These tools could be a crystal ball, directly related to psychic vision (or Scrying as it is known).

Other tools and skills such as pendulums and tarot card reading can make for more complete and multi-dimensional readings.

How Clairvoyant Readings Work

Clairvoyants are able to tune in to their sense of vision. This may either be physical, seeing as if with their own eyes, for example, an aura, or seeing Spirit via mediumship without the need for a physical body – an apparition per say, whether this is a person passed, an animal or various other visionary elements, including natural phenomena such as elementals that can be viewed from nature and in the surrounding environment – OR – on the other end of the spectrum they may see the above, but in the mind’s eye or third eye instead. They may even process a combination of both ways of viewing things. It depends!

Either way the information perceived and / or received has been filtered down to the familiar sense of vision because it may be their inherently strong sense, or one of them.

Benefits of Clairvoyant Readings

Clairvoyant readings can be extremely empowering to your life and for your journey, just like other types of psychic reading can be.

The benefits of a Clairvoyant reading can be far reaching, and can help with many different areas of life, from love, destiny and health to money and career – and along with the wider benefits of psychic readings – Clairvoyance is just the way in which the reader understands information they perceive and / or receive, throwing its own benefits on to the table – and as we always say, it all depends on your induvial readers skills and preferences – and also your own.

For example, Clairvoyants may use their skills to see the future, based on perhaps seeing (perceiving) your aura in the present, which contains information about past energies that may be affecting or holding you back such as past traumas or negative experiences, that all show up in your personal energetic signature in the present – along with your overall energy, and tell you what your future may hold if you continue on the same path – highlighting things you can change to improve your life, more in line with your greater good.

And on the other hand, Clairvoyants may use their psychic medium abilities (receiving) to see information on past events that have happened to you, or by reading the Akashic records (information about your life path and destiny), to give you a glimpse of your future, which together can help you to understand your previous experiences, why you went through them, and uncover information about your destiny, so that overall, you can know what your future may hold – and work out steps to get there based on where you are now – to become more in line with your greater good.

Clairvoyants may utilise these skills separately or in tandem, depending on their skills and preferences, and Clairvoyancy is often combined with other psychic skills, which overall improves the accuracy of a psychic readings, as multiple sources can be more easily correlated and offer deeper, more meaningful insights than just one source alone.

The interpretations of a psychic or psychic medium umbrellas a variety of different skills, including, but not limited to…

Other types of “Clair”:

  • Clairaudience (where the reader is known as a Clairaudient). This is a skill whereby the reader can hear certain things from the spirit world, and subsequently talk to spirits, and gain information from their extrasensory hearing so to speak – no pun intended.
  • Clairsentience (where the reader is known as a Clairsentient). This is a skill where the reader can sense the presence of a spirit, or readily pick up on the feelings of both a spirit and / or the client, using their extrasensory gifts to detect this energetic information, both locally and remotely to the spirit world.

Lesser known types of “Clair”:

  • Claircognizance (where the reader is known as a Claircognizant) – meaning clear knowing.
  • Clairalience (where the reader is known as a Clairalient) – meaning clear smelling.
  • Clairgustance (where the reader is known as a Clairgustant) – meaning clear tasting.

Different skills often overlap, but come together complimentarily in most cases, so it depends on your readers natural and developed skills.

You can read more about the different types of psychic medium, but bear in mind the difference between a psychic and a psychic medium as explained above; meaning the origin of information.

Clairvoyant Readings Online Vs. Offline

There is no difference in accuracy between an offline or online clairvoyant reading, as a psychic will use their psychic gifts to make a connection with you. Many search for Psychic readings near me, but in reality, it doesn’t matter where you are, it just depends on your personal preferences: if you want a face-to-face reading or one from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Both have their pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide, but now you can relax knowing it’s just preference.

Free Clairvoyant Readings

Some may offer free clairvoyant readings or free medium reading in the UK or beyond, but it’s worth mentioning that in most cases, this will either be a free sample or perhaps from a non-trusted source. We cannot advise any more, than to just do your research and pick a psychic clairvoyant you can trust, that has good reviews, and that you feel comfortable with. Don’t take any chances – you want an accurate clairvoyant reading online, or offline – and it make sense to therefore do your homework first.

Get Your Clairvoyant Reading Online

At Psychic 121 Readings, we have over 300 trusted, rated and reviewed readers, so you are sure to find a reader that you are comfortable with, that can assist you with any queries you may have in your life and to do with your journey, or that can provide a general snapshot of your life and destiny – it’s up to you what you want to achieve from your reading.

We also offer packages with free minutes, which represent great value. Just be sure to ask for more info when calling or you can view our great value psychic reading packages here.

Get your Clairvoyant Reading now, see your future potential, and make it yours with a powerful reading from one of our psychic readers today.


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