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Psychic Medium Readings

What is a Psychic Medium?

Psychic medium readings

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Psychic medium is a combined phrase, inclusive of the terms “psychic” and “medium”, which are both similarly broad in nature, encapsulating various extra-sensory gifts – either naturally gifted, developed or both.

Many use the phrase psychic medium – which is correct – however there are distinct differences between psychics and mediums that you should be aware of.

First of all, not all psychics are mediums, but all mediums are psychics to some extent. Let us explain…

The Differences Between Psychics and Mediums:

The main difference between a psychic and a medium is that psychics perceive information from a person or surroundings (anything with a spirit), with their abilities.

Whereas mediums usually receive information directly from a Divine source or spirit not of this world (this can include the client’s spirit) as well as loved ones that may have passed – hence the term medium.

Mediums therefore act as a go-between the physical and spiritual worlds, receiving information directly from Spirit.

Obviously there is a degree of interpretation here also, which is why mediums often have the ability to draw on psychic gifts, which helps them to relate and interpret the information to the client in any understandable way.

To put this into perspective, a clairvoyant (psychic), will be able to see and interpret information from your aura for example, and advise how past and present events in your life are affecting you (both good and bad), based on your energetic presence now.

Your personal energetic field can therefore be used to highlight past or present circumstances that may be holding you back, and also uncover areas of strength. Auras also show past traumas, emotions, thought patterns, mindset and basically everything that makes you unique.

Although auras are constantly changing, as are our moods, a gifted psychic can tune into any underlying and persistent tones, and generally cast a light as to why we feel like we do, or indeed why we have arrived at the place we are now, and perhaps what the future may hold based on these patterns…

It is then up to you how you create your future, but the first step is insight, and with insight you can deal with past issues, identify areas of strength and happiness, and grow as a person – thereby allowing you to change your future if you choose to.

However, a psychic may not be able to receive information from the spirit world or the Divine source directly, which is a definitive characteristic of mediums. Mediums don’t usually require any tools in order to achieve this, which is another key difference, nor do they require a physical body. They can receive information directly from your spirit.

Psychic mediums can connect to the spirit world and give you both insight and re-assurance through various different means, which you can then use to improve your life, for peace of mind, or for any other goals or challenges you may have in life.

Mediums may receive this information in various different ways, depending on their gifts, and this is where there is a natural overlap between psychic and medium abilities. A medium might feel things just like a clairsentient would, but the difference between a medium and a psychic is the origin of information.

Both psychics and psychic mediums can also utilise tools such as tarot cards, angel cards, pendulums and crystal balls etc., to help channel information, that otherwise wouldn’t be attainable very easily, or without additional skills. Any extra skills they apply add additional layers of depth and accuracy, and can act as good confirmation of any (direct) guidance attained through their gifts alone.

Psychic mediums may also be able to channel from the higher realms directly, however even so, most will also use other tools to help add more layers of detail to their reading, and to act as confirmation from different sources for the information they receive, as mentioned above.

Mediums are mainly associated with things of the past; however, they may also see the current and the present through their skills, as they can either by psychic or psychic medium, or both psychic medium and psychic, as mentioned above.

You may wish to read our on the types of psychic mediums and developing your psychic medium abilities – which also has a handy psychic abilities test too. 

The Benefits of a Psychic Medium Reading

A psychic medium can communicate with your spirit, loved ones that are no longer with us, Spirit Guides, Angels, Spiritual Masters and directly with the Origin, or Source, as it is sometimes known.

Another form of psychic mediumship is channeling, and some of the higher realms must be channeled with this skill, in order to access them, such as the higher Universal ones.

Each reader will have his or her own skills and preferences when conducting a reading.

As such, a psychic medium reading can be extremely useful to your life right now as a form of guidance.

Whether that is knowing that you are on the right track, gaining advice that may help you to make decisions, or to seek comfort from lost loved ones, a psychic medium reading can help. This may include receiving information about your Karma (based on what we have done in previous lives, and need to do in this one) and Dharma (said to be the path to our highest good spiritually, of which we have to freedom to come as close as we choose to based on our life choices), and to provide understanding and guidance in relation to these aspects, amongst others.

For example, you may be searching for peace of mind and re-assurance after loss of a loved one. Messages from your loved ones can be extremely comforting and strengthening to your life moving forward; to know that they are okay and that you are on the right track, or to resolve some sort of unfinished business.

These factors alone can be a great comfort and stabilising force in your life, especially in times of recent loss. They can give you peace of mind, and allow you to accept the loss, gain advice, and move forward positively and proudly, putting to rest any feelings of guilt, shame or hurt – allowing you to feel peace.

Again, because the information is received directly from the spirit world, it is often relevant to you right now, rather than with a psychic reading that provides insights based on your aura for example, which can obviously help you if you choose to act and improve your life so that you can change your future, but a medium reading can often give you guidance in the present.

For these reasons, many choose to seek out the help of an online psychic medium to help them on their journey.

More About Psychic Mediums & Psychic Medium Readings

Some famous psychic mediums include the late Colin Fry, who is famous worldwide for his talk show type approach to mediumship as is John Edwards, and the TV Show Most Haunted’s Derek Acorah, who is the resident medium during paranormal investigations on the show.

Ordinarily, a medium is literally a term used to define a communication of sorts, or a go between.

For example, you can have chemical mediums, where chemical reactions can take place because of the medium in the middle, which acts as the “communicator” for the reaction; a membrane of sorts.

Naturally then, a psychic medium refers to a person or being with an ability to communicate, or literally act as a medium between the spirit world and the physical world.

A psychic medium may use a variety of different extrasensory skills to communicate and receive information from the spirit world, which they can then translate into something we will understand more clearly. They are therefore much of an interpreter in this sense.

As with any interpretation, not only does the reader need to be able to communicate with the spirit world, they also need to be able to interpret the meaning, often based on their experience.

Some readers may choose, perhaps on your request, to provide more vague and mysterious details, where you can join the dots, and other readers or clients may prefer to deal with more accurate information that requires less overall interpretation – it’s all about mutual personal choice.

For example, a reader may be mindful of putting just enough information across to allow you to form rightful opinions yourself, rather than convey too much of theirs. It’s a fine balance between their interpretation and yours, and a good reader will be able to get this balance just right.

The beauty about the natural course of a reading is that your feedback as a client is vitally important. Your reader is not the only supernaturally gifted person present in the room.

We know more than we think, and we get certain feelings at different times, and because you know yourself and your own feelings best, you can often change the course of the reading yourself, whether you are aware of it or not.

Being opened minded to your thoughts and feelings is a vital ingredient, as it allows the psychic medium to pick up on these energetic vibes, so ultimately the collaboration between you and your reader sets the natural course of the psychic reading.

Therefore, it is important to connect well with your psychic medium reader in order to allow the energy to flow better, and thus provide you with a better overall reading.

Aside from this, it is then in your hands to use this information in a way that is right for you and for your path.

At Psychic 121 Readings, we have a wide selection of professional online mediums to choose from, so finding a psychic medium that is best suited to you is easy.

Psychic mediums can often provide empowering and energising readings that can either help you to make sense of difficult situations in your life, or they could be just for general fascination and mystery!

Every day, many regularly enjoy the positive impact that psychic medium readings have on their lives, with online medium readings being an extremely popular type of psychic reading. Rest assured, online psychic medium readings are still accurate, as your reader will be using their psychic gifts to connect with you – so distance is not important.

Visit our Find a Reader page to read through our psychic medium profiles, and get started on your exciting journey of self-discovery today.


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