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Psychic Love Readings

Psychic Love Readings

By Luke Carter

Founder of

23rd February 2017

Psychic Love Readings

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Find out how you can benefit from psychic love readings from our expert readers – and get the Love and Relationships Guidance you need, to achieve the love fulfilled life you truly deserve.

  • Want to find your Soul Mate?
  • Having relationship difficulties?
  • Are you looking for a relationship?
  • Do you want to learn more about yourself or your partner? Or get some guidance with challenges you have in your relationship?
  • Want to learn to love yourself more?

Read on for some enlightenment, and learn how our expert love and relationships readings can help guide you in this important area of your life – which can provide a solid foundation for growth.

Why is Love So Important?

Quote: “Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.” – Victor Borge.

Love. It makes the world go round.

A phrase we’re all familiar with. Some think it’s money, and that may also be true – but behind every motivation is a need to be loved, and to love.

So without further ado let’s discuss love – the most powerful force in the Universe.

Whatever your reason for the need to focus on the relationship and love sector of your life, it makes sense to know that by even focusing on this area alone, you have made a conscious decision, driven by deep down desires, to make this area of your life more complete – and that’s a great start. Well done!

Good relationships, be it with family, friends or a spouse, are essential to us as human beings. We need to feel love and be loved, but it’s not always this simple.

Maybe you’ve been hurt in the past? Maybe you want advice on a relationship that is challenging? Maybe you are in search of the one that holds the key to your heart… your Soul Mate?

Just Have Faith…

Faith is a combination of surrender and trust.

Let us tell you one thing – you’re not alone. Literally. Both in the sense that millions of people around the world share your experiences, or have done at some stage of their lives, in various different ways – perhaps a longing to find a Soul Mate, or they’ve had to work on relationships; and in another sense, in that if you do feel alone and haven’t yet found your Soul Mate, then you must trust that they will come – often when you least expect it.

You see the Universe is a strange place – but a place where everything happens for a reason… if you really get to grips with it.

We will all have easier times, more challenging times; and always the opportunity to choose to follow our dreams and path of highest good – which we all have the freedom to do – however scary.

Through enlightenment, be it through life’s challenges, or by self-help, taking time to learn about yourself, your needs, and your desires – and basically growing – you’ll come to learn that everything does happen for a reason.

Sometimes we don’t know why, and sometimes we attract bad things because we are on the wrong path spiritually, or maybe we need to grow. Most of the time, challenges serve in both cases, steering us to grow – and when we grow, we become more in line with our greater good.

We begin to realise we deserve good things, and go down the best path – or we reach a crisis or mini crisis point – which changes our direction to flow more in line with our greater good – and some see it, some don’t – some latch on to this early, some take a while.

And it’s all down to awareness, trust and belief in oneself – and our deservingness of life, in terms of what we believe is rightfully ours.

How To Change Your “Luck” In This Area – And Generally

This area of life can get a bit complicated, but essentially, there’s many ways we get held back in life – either by challenges that we were meant to face, like a Divine Storm, or by our beliefs.

Whatever way you look at it though, if you are reading this, then clearly you want the best for yourself in this area – and are looking for help and guidance in achieving it – as well as finding out what you can expect in this area of your life, based on your current energy, and what’s potentially yours with a shift in your energy.

And the good news is, that with a solid focus on your needs and heart’s desires, you can begin to learn about yourself, your path, and uncover past negative energy patterns you need to overcome.

These blocked pathways could be caused by traumas, both emotional and physical, negative beliefs and life experiences, all of which may have caused you to feel unworthy or guilty about receiving life’s treasures of love, happiness, joy and peace etc.

You can overcome these blockages, whatever they are, and learn to play to your strengths, understanding why certain things happened – and how you can change your future by taking certain actions that align with your greater good in the present.

And by dealing with these past negative influences, understanding them, seeing your potential, working with your strengths, and choosing the challenges that you need to grow, rather than being held back by the same frustrations and challenges that hold you back – life’s way of saying you need to listen yourself and get back on track – you can achieve your full potential in life, and this applies to the love and relationships sector too.

We all deserve love, and when you are ready – true love will come. So get ready by preparing yourself for it – make it welcome!

This is a good time to mention the article we wrote on dealing with your traumas that are holding you back.

When you can surrender and listen to yourself and your higher self, be it by way of trust in life, feeling deserving and going for the things your heart wants, or by gaining insight via a psychic reading, seeing your past energy patterns, challenges, potential and choices – and making decisions that feel right for you – or all of the above, you’ll be well on your way to attracting the life you desire and deserve. It just requires a little inner work, and you’ll get there.

Love Yourself

When looking for a Soul Mate or dealing with challenges in current situations, it’s always important – as it is with life and your journey as we’ve touched upon above – to get good at loving yourself.

Self-love is feeling deserving, looking after yourself, and it is not selfish in any way – in fact – it’s essential in the cycle of giving and receiving – if you don’t accept the gifts of heaven for whatever reason, that are rightfully yours, (through feeling bad, guilty or unworthy) – then you’ll burn out when you try to keep giving.

We have an article for you, if you recognise this person! Read about The Importance of Self-Love.

People have difficulty with self-love for many reasons, often not their fault. To help build more feelings of deserving in terms of self-love, any past negative emotions must be understood and dealt with, if you are to feel a sense of deserving again.

So as part of your spiritual development, you need to work on your inner game, which involves seeing what value the past had and releasing it (and perhaps why it happened), coming to know your strengths, desires and needs – and working in a way that is conducive to your greater purpose – in a way your heart chooses.

Other areas of your life can also filter in to your sense of self-love, such as fulfillment and pride in your achievements or career, so looking at the wider aspects that influence self-love are important too, but this can all be explored as you come to it, and if needed.

If you are seeking the help of a Psychic or Astrology Reading, then they are flexible enough to explore your life as a whole as well.

How good we feel about ourselves it very important – and reflects what we get back from the Universe.

No one can teach you to love, you have to do it yourself, but when that special someone comes along, they can give full meaning to the love you are seeking and have to give – and to share this love is a magical thing, that can help adjust every other area of our lives for the better – and that’s a foundation for long term success.

The right person will help you to love yourself more, and then you’ll be able to love even more – it’s a beautiful cycle.

Finding and Keeping Love

When you are on the right path you can then begin to attract what you want into your life – it’s as if it magically appears.

Maybe you’ll find your Soul Mate, when you least expect them, because you are ready and deserving, and know what you want in your heart of hearts, and wholeheartedly know what they look like – or would make you feel like. It’s all about feeling. Love is a feeling!

Maybe you’ll discover how to work on things in a current relationship. Maybe you’ll work out who you are, and love yourself more, and have more love to give to your Spouse.

You can then work to understand your partner more and grow closer – and have even more love to give because you are loving yourself more – and improve your relationship because you have more love within – and understand that love isn’t easy at times, but so worth it.

Your Spouse will also recognise and appreciate your efforts, and feel more loved, and they’ll have more of this love from within to give back to you, because they will feel better about themselves.

And you’ll appreciate each other more, because you had to grow together, which makes things even more worth it. Nurture love and appreciate your blessings, and more blessings will come.

Don’t give up when things get tough. Love is said to know no bounds – nurture your relationship. Sometimes the good wine is saved until last – or for when you show faith and endure life’s up’s and down’s in order to really appreciate the love you have.

Oh and don’t forget to communicate – because that’s the basis of understanding each other, and it’s essential to a happy relationship.

It’s a combination of self-love, trust and belief – and you’ll get there.

How can you understand love, or fully appreciate love, if you don’t love yourself? Turn up the volume, and you’ll hear and feel more.

Love Compatibility & Soul Mates

  • Finding them -> Finding you -> Completing you.
  • Finding you -> Finding them -> Completing you.

The above is an analogy of what you can expect when looking for a Soul Mate, or if you have already found them.

It works both ways, because sometimes you don’t have to have fully “find” yourself in order to find your Soul Mate.

You could just be ready, and surrender to your highest good, and they will come. Then you’ll find yourself, and you’ll feel completed, and ready for the world.

This is because your heart knew what it was looking for and you felt deserving. Or you reached crisis point and surrendered to the love and guidance of the Universe and it delivered.

Or you could have found yourself, found them, and they completed you.

The common theme is surrendering to your highest good and really thinking and feeling what you want – if you really feel this, and believe you deserve, then the Universe has to provide it for you.

This doesn’t mean that Soul Mates have it easy – sometimes they don’t! Life is a process of learning and growing, and we must always appreciate, communicate and work through any challenges, because just like life, every relationship has it’s ups and downs, and in fact, when you work together and grow together, your love for each other only deepens.

Appreciation is key, because that’s when the Universe knows to deliver even more special moments.

We have an interesting article you may want to read on The Power of Surrendering, which discusses the benefits of letting go and trusting in yourself and life, which can empower your love life too.

Get Some Expert Love & Relationships Guidance 

Insight and understanding is always good – and if you are lost or need some guidance, inspiration or have some questions about yourself, your love life and your path, then seeking the help of an expert for a Love Reading can really be beneficial to you.

Many search for Psychic Love Readings, Love Tarot Readings and Love Astrology Readings, to help them with the Love Sector in their lives and to provide insight, support and guidance. At Psychic 121 Readings, we have readers that specialise in Love Readings, who can use their skills to provide you with this guidance you seek.

A Quick Bit of Guidance on Love Readings 

A Psychic Love Reading (or Astrology Reading) – or combination of the two, can be extremely valuable, so if you are looking for a Psychic Love Expert, it makes sense to know what you are getting.

A reading from a love psychic expert can uncover information about:

  • Soul Mates – including advice on potential challenges (Soul Mates can be so alike that they may need to know specific things in order to help each other grow). Exploring things like Twin Flame (ideal connection).
  • Karmic factors (relating to what we need to do based on previous lives).
  • Dharmic factors (relating to the path of our highest good).
  • Akashic Records (our life map of what our potential future holds if we so choose to follow our paths).
  • How all these factors come together – including, potential, challenges, advice, outcome, and the opportunity of insight to bring it all together if it is your wish to do so, for the life you truly desire.
  • Exploring things from various angles, drawing on multiple disciplines, such as Tarot Cards, Clairvoyance and Astrology etc.

Psychic and / or Tarot Card Readings are great for exploring love and relationships, as well as many other areas in your life, which will also be important. Tarot Card Readings can also relate to Astrology, through the symbology contained within the illustrations on the cards within certain decks, which can help depict characteristics and star sign related information of your ideal partner, and even what they may look like, which can be an added bonus.

Tarot can look at the past present future of your situation, and offer help, guidance, understanding and advice, as well as the next steps, and outcome (which you have the power to change), as well as your potential.

Psychic Love Readers may also use Clairvoyant abilities in order to offer glimpses of the future, based on reading or seeing your Akashic Records, for example, which can add to a Psychic Reading, as well as providing insight into your past energy and experiences, helping you to understand your present, and what your future may hold, if you stay on your current path – and again, what you potential could be if you so choose – then you can decide if your current path is acceptable or if it needs a bit of adjustment.

Psychic Love Readings can therefore utilise various different skills in isolation or combination, to give a well rounded reading that will throw up lots of useful information for you – so that you can then decide what route is best for you.

Also within this sector are Astrology related readings, such as Astrology Love Readings, Astrology Love Compatibility & Star Sign Compatibility etc.

It all depends on what type of reading you want, and what your chosen reader’s skills and preferences are. Most readers use a combination of skills, as each skill and tool (for example a Pendulum), adds another layer of richness to your reading, and also acts as confirmation when used in tandem with other sources, to increase the accuracy and relevancy of information.

It’s your call. Choose a reader now and get your questions answered today.

Find an Expert Love Reader Now

Visiting our Find a Reader page is the best place to start. Here you’ll be able to browse all of our trusted Psychic and Astrology Readers, and pick one that you like the sound of, has the skills (or combination of skills) you require, and that you feel comfortable with.

With over 300 trusted readers available, you can be sure to find what you’re looking for today, so that you can experience a brighter tomorrow.

Get a Psychic Love Reading Now!


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