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Psychic Career Readings

Psychic Career Readings

By Luke Carter – Founder of Psychic 121 Readings.

12th June 2017.

Psychic Career Readings

Psychic Career Readings

Psychic Career Readings – Learn how prosperity, money, wealth and career are much more than material, and how getting a Psychic Career Reading can help you to achieve balance and harmony in this area of your life, by allowing you to achieve your full potential, and gaining a better work / life balance.

Money, wealth and career are amongst the most popular types of Psychic and Astrology reading focuses, and it’s not hard to see why. Money, through the ages, has been both a blessing and a curse, and often alternates it’s face many times throughout someone’s life.

We all need money, and we all need to happy, and finding the balance between happiness and money, not only allows us to find more peace, but it helps us to progress naturally with more energy, thus providing even better results.

The appreciation side of things comes in too. If we don’t appreciate what we have, we will never have enough, even if we want more – think about that for a moment. Start from appreciation and work from there, and you’ll see what you want to improve in a truly positive and meaningful way, instead of grasping at nothing.

Even If you want a new job or career, be happy for the one you already have, so when you get that better job, it really feels good – like you genuinely wanted it, because you appreciated what you had, and just wanted to improve your life, and your work-life balance, instead of underappreciating things.

Often this attitude pushes dreams further away too. So, whilst it’s important to reach for the stars, always appreciate everything, and especially life’s lessons along the way.

There is a magic about knowing you can provide for your family, and to be generous with the important people in your life, and to strangers; and yes, there is a certain amount of sacrifice involved, and there are lessons to learn along the way, but you must balance this with a clear set of goals and dreams, and hold these close, whilst progressing with this aspect of your life.

When you do get to the stars you always dreamt of, you’ll appreciate all your blessings even more, the lessons you learnt along the way will make sense, and you’ll be able to inspire others that you love with your drive, ambition and appreciation. This will not only give them a better life, but a better attitude towards goals, ambitions, dreams, hard work, sacrifice, value of money, and of course, that all important appreciation, so that they too can live the abundant life of their dreams, and pass this trait on to their children, and so on.

Everyone has blessings to count right now, and a big part of life getting better, is learning to recognise all your blessings. For example, you may have ambitions to change jobs or live out your dream career or become an Entrepreneur, but you have to learn to appreciate what you have now, otherwise, you not only risk blocking your success in this area, you also risk not appreciating it when you do get more, obviously keeping in mind progress at all times. The effects of underappreciation can be much more far reaching too.

We can all count our blessings, and they don’t have to come all from the area we want to change. We can use the drive of providing, achievement and progression, knowing that we have a loving wife, beautiful children, a good family etc. It’s all about appreciation.

Why would the Universe give you more of what you don’t want? And by not appreciating the good things, you’re rejecting those same good things. Embrace them. It may be scary at first, but you can never discover new lands without losing sight of the shore.

Sometimes, we may try really hard too, but if we believe we don’t deserve something or don’t believe it’s possible or feel guilty for success, or even scared of achieving it for fear of losing it all (through no fault of our own often), that’s all we’ll get.

Sacrifice is rewarded, because you’ve put others first, and this is an amazing thing to do, but you must feel like you deserve your blessings too. Often those who sacrifice aren’t very good at this bit! Get good, you deserve it, even more so!

So not only must we identify our goals and dreams, understand sacrifice, progress and appreciation, we must also identify the roadblocks, traumas and negative beliefs in our lives. This is absolutely essential, as what we truly believe deep down reflects our reality.

So, dream big, remove blockages, and reach for the stars.

A Psychic or Astrology reading can be the perfect first step, showing intention to change and claim the future you want. It can reveal your strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and potential future based on both these factors and your destiny, and you can choose what the story reads like – you just have to take charge and claim what you truly desire.

Money, wealth and career is a huge area of life, that can provide amazing stability and peace if you get it right. And once you have the right attitudes and beliefs, it changes from hard work, to something you don’t see as work, then it’s easy – but it’s a journey to get to that stage, and you must learn life’s lessons along the way, in order to grow into the person that you need to be, to attract the life you want – but it’s there for the taking.

Let our expert Psychic and Astrology readers take you on a journey of self-discovery so that you can make your own decisions. You’re already in the right place. Just take the next step.

The Universe is conspiring to help you at every step of the way, if you so choose to accept the offer, and our readers are here to help shine a light on your life and journey, so you can see the full picture, and then use your new-found strength to start changing your life.

Just like love in your life, money, career and wealth can be very stabilising. It makes us feel really good, allowing our loved ones, and even strangers to benefit from not only our financial generosity, because we can, but our inspiring journeys.

But remember to reach for genuine happiness and the heavenly gifts first. All others will follow, and in abundance, when it’s what we truly want. We’ll be able to clearly see what we want, now we’re in the zone of appreciating life’s blessing, and they flow like a river.

So yes, your love life and what you do are so important, because if you don’t love what you do, you’re at risk of not loving yourself.

So, love yourself by making loving what you do a goal, so that you can be proud of yourself for taking action to do so.

Your relationships (you may want to read our Love and Relationship Readings page), will also become more harmonious because you love yourself more, your confidence will shoot through the roof, and you’ll naturally become a magnet for abundance, and share amazing times with everyone, and have the freedom and means to experience life’s treasures even more, and share them with those you love. And of course, the greater the amount of appreciation you have, the more that this will have a knock-on effect in the rest of your life and with the relationships in your life too.

It takes a bold step to venture out of your comfort zone, and that’s why most people leave their dreams behind. Don’t be that person. And help others by inspiring them with your journey to do the same.

It’s easy when you know how. You just need a light. You’ll then learn that it was your light all along, but let us be part of the catalyst for your success by giving you an accurate glimpse into your potential, so that you can claim the life you’ve always wanted.

Give and ye shall receive. It feels amazing to help, and we’re ready to help you. Let our team of specialist Money, Wealth and Career Readers help you to discover more of what you can be today, so that tomorrow you can have the future you envision. Speak to one of our experts and Get a Psychic Career Reading Today. Here’s to your very own success story.


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