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Online Tarot Card Readings

Online Tarot Card Readings

Online tarot card readings

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If you are looking for information on online tarot card readings, you have come to the right place! Tarot reading is one of the most popular types of psychic readings searched for online, with the demand for quality online tarot reading ever increasing in popularity – a favourite amongst Fortune Tellers and Clairvoyants.

Tarot can provide guidance in relation to a wide variety of life areas as well as in general – acting as a roadmap for your life, which can be very empowering.

Tarot has served millions of people around the world, and continues to do so on a daily basis, providing insight and understanding into their life and their journey – whatever query they may have. A tool for life let’s say.

Brief History of Tarot

Historically the word Tarot comes from the Egyptian words “tar” which translates to royal and “ro” which translates to road. This shows the importance in which they were held, as the Ancient Egyptians believed that they signified a royal road to wisdom.

The oldest tarot deck still in existence today is the Visconti di Modrone Tarot, commissioned Filippo Maria Visconti – Duke of Milan, between 1441 and 1447.

The meanings of Tarot cards can also vary between decks. Also, some decks, especially the older ones may have little information in terms of illustration on them, leaving more to the “imagination” or to interpretation – some readers may prefer this style, but this may appear rather vague to someone who works with more modern decks; trickier to read some / most would say.

It’s all personal preference however, and obviously, each deck requires its own approach, with some decks being more challenging than others, each with its own positives and challenges – a personality let’s say. So, it’s all about the goals, skills and preferences of you or your reader – what works best in the situation.

Worth mentioning is “The Original Rider Waite Tarot Deck” (seen as an industry standard you could say). This deck contains illustrations that encompass many different components and arts, as well as their Divinatory meaning, through symbolism that relates to Astrology, Numerology and Freemasonry for example.

It’s called “Original” not because of it’s the oldest, but because it was the first deck to be fully illustrated, bringing all the components together with in a rich and meaningful symbology set, allowing the reader to explore the meanings of the cards much more easily, and to their tastes – a very good all-rounder!

As we mentioned, most of the earlier decks aren’t so rich in detail in this respect, some more modern decks take it further and are more specific (taking inspiration from the Original Rider Waite for example), and some decks are focused on certain areas.

Age of deck isn’t necessarily the factor that dictates how the deck is formed in terms of detail. Again, it’s all up to what your goals are, and what you or your reader’s skills and personal preferences are.

Exploring decks is a huge area, and outside the scope of this page, but that’s the basics.

Tarot Cards Vs. Angel / Oracle Cards

Manifest Your Dreams Angel Oracle Card

Manifest Your Dreams Angel Oracle Card

Tarot cards often get confused with Angel cards and Oracle cards. Essentially Oracle cards are a lighter version of tarot and are not made up of suits. They are more wisdom based, and contain positive messages of re-assurance and guidance, which make them easier to read, but arguably less flexible in terms of scope, but this is sometimes perfect for what you are looking for, and great for daily guidance.

Angel cards are a type of Oracle card, hence the name Angel Oracle cards, but you can also get hybrid decks such as Angel Tarot cards, which can provide a good balance between the deeper messages of the Tarot and the more direct and gentle messages of the Angels. Angel cards are the most popular type of Oracle card due to their gentle and loving nature. It’s all down to personal preference.

Tarot cards can be thought of as the ancestor to the more recent Oracle cards, so they are still a type of tarot card essentially, making them extremely popular due to their simplicity, gentler messages with more direct meanings, and less steep learning curve.

On the other hand, however, Tarot cards have a greater number of combinations and the meanings can be more difficult to interpret, with the messages often being more cryptic and less direct.

This means they are not so easy for a beginner to start reading accurately, which is why we recommend getting an expert tarot card reading at first, and perhaps learning alongside, to both gain a better understanding of what to expect, and to get a more accurate and detailed reading.

Especially when you consider the fact that psychics will also use their abilities (you can work on yours too) to enhance the reading and add another dimension of meaning to the cards drawn, which can be very valuable indeed.

Such an example is when a psychic reader uses their Clairvoyance ability to “see” how the images of the tarot relate to the client, and their energy; and if the psychic has medium skills then this perception of “seeing” could extend further to receiving visions from the higher realms directly in relation to the cards drawn, as well as the divination effect of the cards themselves.

The major advantage of having the wide range of possibilities that a tarot card reading offers is that you can more easily zoom into certain areas of your life, making tarot card readings ideal for:

  • Love Readings
  • Career Readings
  • Home Readings
  • Family Readings
  • More

Love tarot readings are one of the most popular, and it’s possible to uncover lots of detail about one’s love life, soul mates and even provide detail on what the person may look like if they haven’t been found yet, as well as their potential star sign; so there are overlaps with Astrology readings here too – as with other areas – with decks such as the Sun and Moon tarot cards being a popular choice for readers combining tarot and Astrology.

On an interesting side note, there is another form of reading that relies solely on the reading of spent loose tea, after you’ve finished your brew, so there really is something for everyone!

How Tarot Cards Readings Work

Tarot readings involve using a special deck of cards, from which the reader draws specific cards that often have a high relevance and meaning to you personally.

Most tarot card decks have 78 cards – comprised of 56 Major Arcana cards and 22 Minor Arcana cards, with each card having a special tarot meaning. Each card can have multiple meanings, and often have to be interpreted in relation to the other cards drawn, to make sense and to form your reading.

A tarot card reading is a form of psychic reading, where the reader divinates or channels communication through the tarot deck. As such, a reading can also be enhanced by your reader’s psychic abilities as well as the energy channeled through the cards themselves as they are drawn.

Certain decks will lend themselves to being more relevant or in tune with different areas of life, so readers will often have a favourite selection to choose from, depending on the goals of the reading, and their personal preferences. Readers may also choose to specialise in different areas of reading themselves.

The Major and Minor Arcana

The cards are arranged into 2 distinct types called the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana.

The Major Arcana cards are much like the Aces, Kings and Queens in a normal deck of cards; they are the Trump cards of the deck.

Major Arcana Cards link directly to the person for whom the reading is for, representing them much more than the Minor Arcana can. The Major Arcana shows significant life events, and have a past, present and future attribute to them.

It is said that that the more cards that appear in your reading from the Major Arcana, the more changes you have occurring in your life.

Some of the Major Arcana cards are:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • The Death (not as bad as it sounds)
  • The Lovers
  • The World
  • The Sun
  • The Strength Card

The Minor Arcana signify areas of life through the different “suits” covering areas generally such as love (cups), material (pentacles), power (swords) and progress (wands) etc., and can add the much-needed detail that the Major Arcana cards cannot.

Some of the Minor Arcana cards are:

  • Ace of Cups
  • Ace of Pentacles
  • Ace of Swords
  • Ace of Wands

How A Spread Builds Up The Full Picture

The Major and Minor Arcana work together to provide the bigger picture of a situation and its comprising details – offering complete guidance to any given situation, although they can also work in isolation, and in certain groups. It depends on the messages coming through, and what you need to know.

For example, you can draw 1 card, 3 cards for past, present, future of simple queries; or for more complete readings or to answer more specific questions for example, you can draw 10 cards in a Celtic Cross spread (very popular), and many variations in between, mainly in relation to arrangement of cards, and placement of meanings, even of the Celtic Cross.

Another popular spread is the 7 card Horseshoe spread. It all depends on your goals, the level of detail required and you or your reader’s preferences.

Whatever configuration you choose, it’s the relationship and dynamics between the cards that tells the full story in relation to your query, more than what the individual cards mean.

Tarot provides you with insight into any query, allowing you to see your present, the past that led up to the present, your goals, what your future looks like in terms of the next step, the challenge(s) you face, the outcome based on your current patterns, external factors such as energies influencing the outcome, your hopes and fears, and how to change the outcome if you so desire, amongst other useful factors.

That’s why fuller tarot spreads such as the 10 card Celtic Cross are so popular, because they can provide insight from many different angles, with each card of the spread having both its own meaning (in terms of placement), and a meaning in relation to the other cards, which provide a snapshot of the entire situation.

You may want to read more about the 10 card Celtic Cross Spread here: How to Read the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread, which also delves into placements, layouts and how it all comes together, including other types of spread – worth a read!

How A Tarot Reading Can Benefit You?

These cards, drawn in sequence during a tarot card reading, often tell a story, both spiritually and mentally, relating to different aspects of your life; with the combined effect being much like a road map for your journey.

A tarot card reading can therefore help you overcome obstacles in your life, and also help you to make decisions and life choices, with the bigger picture in mind.

Tarot card readings can be useful because sometimes we become too close to our own thoughts and emotions, and often the insight gained from a tarot card reading can help us to make sense of these thoughts and emotions, take a step back, and make any necessary change or improvements to aid us on our journey.

We can often change the future ourselves, but that largely depends on our understanding of our current situation, and our ability to focus on our goals and work around any obstacles, thereby uncovering a path of least resistance, with the cards providing the guidance and reassurance along your journey.

This doesn’t mean to avoid challenges that are necessary for our growth, but to allow us to live with the wind in our sails with our goals and dreams in sight.

Depending on spread and reading type, Tarot is flexible enough to provide many levels of guidance for many different areas, and can be a valuable tool on one’s journey – a tool for self-growth.

Tarot is therefore a powerful tool to assist in understanding where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there – and that’s why it’s often to referred to as a road map for life.

Reading Tarot Cards Yourself Self Vs. Professional Tarot Card Readings

Anyone can begin to learn how to use tarot cards (you can even buy tarot based games), and there are plenty of articles online on how to get started and refine your skills, which has no doubt led to their enormous popularity around the world, as well as the popular Angel Oracle cards, and other derivatives.

However as always, there are professionals who have been refining their tarot reading skills over many years, so getting a tarot reading online is probably the best place to start so you can get a feel for it.

Often drawing the right cards (with the skills of trust and openness needed) is only half the battle, as it can sometimes be tricky interpreting the meaning of the cards (particularly with Tarot cards compared to Oracle cards), which in turn can affect the accuracy of the reading.

And of course, a skilled psychic tarot card reader will be able to use their psychic skills to add additional meaning and layers of insight relating to the cards drawn to you as a client, which is very valuable and conducive of an accurate tarot reading.

So although many choose to experiment with tarot reading to build on their own psychic skill set, it is recommended that you first seek the help of a professional tarot reader, who has good client testimonials and ratings, to provide you with accurate tarot card readings online and offline.

Also, your first expert tarot card reading will also provide you with more information on what to expect if you wanted to give it a try yourself.

This is not only for accuracy purposes as explained above, but also because at first it can be difficult to perform a self-reading, due to the natural interest one may have in the outcome (you need to learn to trust in yourself and the Angels).

We therefore recommend you start with a professional reading, and then perhaps try your own readings, once you are comfortable, and are able to open and trust yourself and the higher realms more.

Tarot cards can be thought of as a channeling tool in which to manifest energies, that otherwise may not accessible by other normal means of communication; so as with any skill of this type, it’s all about how proficient you are as a reader as, in terms of intuition, trust and interpretation – and acting with what feels right.

This is why many choose to have a tarot reading online, as opposed to buying a deck and experimenting themselves – although you can certainly do both.

However, if you have a keen interest in developing your psychic skills and tarot reading capabilities further, there are a wide range of decks available to suit your skill level and preferences. So, if reading tarot cards interests you, buy a deck and see for yourself! Tarot can be extremely empowering and life changing.

Tarot card decks can range in terms of number of cards, theme and message meanings of the cards, as well as intensity, so there is something for everyone, based on preferences and goals for your readings. Some decks are suitable for certain types of reading and some are more general – and most readers will have a selection of favourites.

As you know from reading above, traditional tarot decks are made up of both the Major and Minor Arcana (which contains suits), which can come together in varying ways to add layers of additional meaning, but require a certain amount of skill to interpret as we mentioned before (this is without additional psychic gifts), which can add even more dimension and relevancy to your reading.

As such traditional tarot may not suit everyone for a self-reading or indeed even for a more in-depth reading. As we always say, the level of detail and type of reading is a matter of personal preference.

There are also other types of divination card called Oracle cards, as we touched on above, which are related but not the same; these include the Angel Oracle Cards (more simple and direct meanings, with no Major or Minor Arcana), for when you want gentle and sweet messages of guidance and love from the Angels, compared to the more deeper messages of traditional Tarot cards.

And of course, you also have the hybrid Angel Tarot cards – which, like Angel Oracle cards, may also lend themselves more to first time readers; in the middle let’s say – It’s all a matter of personal choice.

Tarot cards therefore have a bit more of a learning curve than the Oracle cards, which is why, although you can learn to read tarot cards yourself, your first reading, should be from an experienced tarot card reader for best results.

On the other hand, we recommend tarot for diverse and comprehensive guidance, with the flexibility to accurately reflect and gain insight into many different areas of your life – and sometimes there is great value in going for the oldest, most comprehensive reading, being that of the traditional tarot card reading.

Again, it’s all a matter of personal preference – you my even want to consider a professional Angel reading, which also has its benefits.

The ball is in your court, and tarot will tell you that much. What do you want to do? That’s your first step on your journey of self-discovery.

Getting A Tarot Card Reading Online

Firstly, there is no difference between an online tarot card reading and an offline reading – both utilise intuition and psychic gifts and distance does not matter.

A good tarot reading should really make you think, and provide a new perspective on your life, where you’re at, and where you want to go – and hopefully this will allow you to identify positive steps to get there.

Tarot card readings can also be a lot of fun, so we would recommend tarot card readings for all of these benefits.

There are also many that offer free tarot card reading online, but please make sure that you are getting an authentic service, as a good tarot card reader will use their psychic abilities to add more richness to your reading.

Most free tarot readings are computer generated, and will not have the benefit of this extra insight and therefore should be seen as more fun than serious, so know what you are getting at all times. Tarot reading is an art-based skill, in that the better the reader, the more richer the results are. Sometimes better doesn’t mean more complicated; sometimes less is more, and a good reader will know which.

And above all, you must still use your own judgment and make your own decisions, in order to stay on the right path and follow your dreams.

Get A Tarot Card Reading From The Experts

At Psychic121Readings we have over 300 professional readers, hand-picked, rated and trusted, all with many years of experience, so you can be sure of getting an accurate and empowering tarot card reading from the start.

Speak to one of our professional tarot card readers now, and start your journey of self-discovery today, for a brighter tomorrow.


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