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Dream Readings & Meanings

Dream Readings & Dream Meanings Explained

Dream readings

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Dream readings are an extremely popular area of both science and paranormal science, with psychic dream readings providing a new level of insight into your dreams altogether.

There are so many dream reading websites and articles out there that work as a dream interpreter by telling you what your dreams means. Let’s be honest, everyone at some point has searched “What does a dream mean?”

These kind of websites are pretty straightforward with what you ask. For example if you’re being chased by someone or something during your dream, the interpretation often means that your conscious or subconscious mind may feel anxious or frightened during your waking life.

Your dreams can be extremely enlightening, highlighting areas of your life that present challenges or conflict, fear, anxiety – and a whole host of other emotions.

Learning what your dreams mean can empower you to change and to conquer what troubles you in your sleep. Likewise, good dreams can hold similar useful information about your life. And then we have the confusing dreams – what do they mean?

A dream reading can uncover all sorts of information, most of which you would not expect nor associate with the content of your dreams. They are like coded messages from your subconscious mind. You may also have had psychic dreams with visions of the future.

Our fantastic psychic dream readers can help you to make sense of your dreams, so you can use your dreams as powerful tools of self-reflection, in order to be guided and grow as a person.

This is all very interesting stuff but where did this information actually originate from and how much of it is true?!

History of Dreams

In Egyptian times, individuals who experienced dreams containing vivid images were thought of as extremely special, and were looked up to by others. These divine individuals would record their dreams on Hieroglyphics for others to see.

Likewise, during the Roman Greece period, which was the period of Greek history around 330AD, many believed that dreams were a religious sign from God or other divine beings. Religion was strong during this time, and people relied heavily on these dreams for guidance.

It was believed that your dreams predicted the future, and they even had dream interpreters follow along in battle to aid with war strategy.

The Greeks even built large buildings that were solely used for people to sleep in, with the hope that they would receive a message from God in their dreams. It does make senses that people believed this, as the Bible has over seven hundred references to dream meanings.

Sigmund Freud Theory

During the early 19th Century, dreams were not thought of much. That was until Sigmund Freud, a famous psychologist, published a book in 1899 called ‘The Interpretation of Dreams’; resulting in people understanding the importance of dreams again.

Freud’s theory was that every dream we had, came from wishing for it in some way, and that the dream comes from that persons waking day. He stated that children’s dreams were a lot more straight forward as opposed to adults, which were much more complicated.

Dream Dictionaries

You can often purchase books such as ‘An A-Z Dream Dictionary’, which tell you in short what your dream means in say 2 or 3 lines. These use key words and symbols to help you analyse your dream.

There are also online resources, such as this online Dream Dictionary.

There is no actual proof of these dream interpretations being real. They are more of a ‘suggestive starting point’. Although, it is important to remember that our dreams are always ‘true’, even if the meaning is blurred – it is then for us to understand what they mean to us as individuals, and although our dreams can follow common themes, we must draw their significance to us personally.

My Dream Keeps Repeating Itself?

Reoccurring dreams often mean that we are missing the point to the dream that relates to our waking life. You may have an unresolved issue or reoccurring conflict in your waking life that needs to be resolved. Often people claim that when they resolve the issue in their waking life, the reoccurring dream they’ve had for years disappears.

It has been proven by science that we all experience dreams; even those who claim they don’t dream. Dreams are a massive part of which we all are, and share significant links with the evidence based history of dreams.

Essentially Dreams are there to tell us to wake up to the truth in our waking life, which is why nowadays many use the means of psychic readers and psychic readings to help them understand what their dreams mean, and what messages they hold for them.

Why not get an explanation of your dreams with a psychic dream reading from one of our psychic dream readers. In the meantime, sleep tight!


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