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Angel Cards & Angel Card Readings

Angel Cards & Angel Card Readings

Ange Oracle Cards

Angel Oracle Cards

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Introduction into Angel Readings & Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings are similar to that of Tarot card readings, whereby they both use a type of divination card to channel help and guidance from the higher realms.

Angel cards fall under the category of Oracle cards; and are the most popular type of Oracle card, because of their gentle and direct messages of guidance and love, which is what attracts many to get Angel card readings.

Arguably Angel and Oracle cards are “modern versions” of the ancient Tarot card system, favouring wisdom and positive messages, over the more cryptic, detailed revelations from traditional Tarot. However although the cards may be more derivative, the art of Angel communication has been known throughout history.

Most often Angel card readers will use their psychic medium abilities, as well as their psychic abilities, to communicate directly with the Angels, which can enhance your reading very much, offering an additional dimension to Angel card readings than simply using the cards alone. In this respect, you can also have an Angel reading without the cards, but the cards also add their own value and structure.

Other types of Oracle cards are themed around various goals such as money, manifestation, dreams and love etc., and are collectively known as Wisdom Cards, because of their positivity-based messages.

You may wish to read our article comparing Angel Oracle card readings and Tarot card readings for more information as to the differences, similarities and what type of reading may suit you best. 

Difference Between Psychic Readings And Angel Readings

Angel readings can in fact be done with or without Angel cards, which is what differentiates psychic readings from Angel readings.

Psychics that can communicate directly with the Angelic realm have been drawn to do so, and thus must have psychic medium abilities in order to communicate and receive information in this way, without the use of divination tools like the Angel cards themselves, which act to assist the communication by way of channeling.

Most however use the cards as well as it adds another dimension to the Angel reading, and provides a useful framework for information to flow, and vice versa.

You will see Angel readings and Angel card readings as interchangeable terms, and it’s all about how you or your reader prefers (and has the refined skills) to “read”.

You can also have an Angel card reading without being a medium as well, and perhaps not all Angel card readers can communicate with the Angel realm directly; but it’s often the case that they can because of the way they have been drawn to do so by the Angels / based on their natural interests, gifts and developments of both.

What Are The Benefits of Angel Card Readings?

The benefits of Angel card readings are far reaching and can be life-changing.

Whether you choose to get daily guidance, and hold your Angel’s kind words of encouragement dear to you throughout the day, or benefit from the insights of a spread of cards as part of a reading, you can be sure you will receive help and guidance in the way you need it – just when you need it.

This guidance can help uncover roadblocks, past energy patterns and things that need dealing with, with a focus on doing what needs to be done in the present, with your goals and dreams in mind, in order to create the future you desire.

With increased self-awareness, focus on your goals and dreams, and a drive to succeed on these important fronts, whether that’s in love, family life, parenting, career, dreams – or anything else – you can begin to take the journey to the path that leads to your highest and true potential, where you can more easily discover the heavenly gifts of love, peace, joy and appreciation – with the help and support of your Angels along every step of the way.

Angel card readings can be truly inspiring, and we recommend Angel cards to anyone who wishes to receive the love and support of their Angels and Guardian Angels – and who wouldn’t want more of that? It can be truly empowering – all you have to do is choose to nurture this special relationship.

Angel Card Reading Yourself Vs. Professional Angel Card Readings

We would always recommend however that you seek the help of an experienced Angel card reader in the first instance; a reader that has extensive experience in the interpretation of the cards drawn, as Angel cards, like Tarot cards, can also have multiple meanings (although easier than Tarot), that require interpretation.

Your expert reader will also have an increased level of comfort / trust to ensure that an Accurate Angel Card Reading is given, thereby allowing you to focus more on your goals for the reading without worrying about the process or answers, which can distort things and give an unnatural reading.

This also helps to minimise the natural interest you may have in the outcome, which can affect your interpretation.

Over time you can learn to build your trust, openness and identify the nature of the guidance, and when you become more in tune with yourself and the higher realms, guidance and support shines like a torch in the night.

In light of the above, you are calling on the Angels for their guidance, and whether you opt to learn to read Angel cards yourself, which is highly fulfilling and motivating, or you seek the help of an expert Angel card reader, you can be sure of their love and guidance at all times.

So, you have 2 options, which are learning to read your own Angel cards, or getting a reading from a trusted Angel card reader.

If you are new to Angel card readings, then we recommend, for the reasons above, first getting an expert Angel card reading, where you will also have the benefit of the enhancements provided by the psychic gifts your reader will have.

Getting an Angel Card Reading Online

Online Angel readings work just the same as offline readings, and can offer that much sough after comfort and privacy; and you can be anywhere – distance does not matter, as your reader will be using their psychic gifts to connect with you.

Many search for free Angel card reading online, but it is important to note that most of these Angel card readings are computer generated and should be seen as more fun than complete forms of guidance.

Get An Angel Card Reading From The Experts

At Psychic121Readings, we offer Online Angel Card Readings you can trust.

With over 300 handpicked readers, fully rated and reviewed, each with years of experience – trust us to provide you with the expert Angel card reader that’s right for you and your goals.

Enlighten your life and journey by getting an Angel Card Reading today, and create the future you want, with the help of the Angels, tomorrow.


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