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The Power of Surrendering – Ways of Trusting In Yourself & Your Angels

The Power of Surrendering – Ways of Trusting In Yourself & Your Angels

Surrender and Trust In Yourself and Your Angels

Surrender and Trust In Yourself and Your Angels

In our related article: Using The Power of Crisis to Find Yourself we explored the reasons why surrendering is empowering to your life.

We discussed how surrendering is an act of strength and it’s overcoming the fear to surrender and trusting in ourselves, life, and our Angels, that provides the avenue to discover our purpose and ourselves.

We can do this fairly automatically in a severe crisis because it’s in our nature – we turn to hope and prayer – even the non-religious or spiritual.

This act of human nature is proof that we always revert to trust and hope when times are really bad – but what about when they’re not? What about every day? This is harder as we have to put in much more of a conscious effort to do so, but the results can be astonishing.

We may even find we have far less bad times also! But remember, everything is in balance. We have either attracted difficult times by not surrendering and turning our backs on the light – or we must go through them to gain this realisation – and / or to grow – life’s way of directing us towards the light when we have gone off course and / or living in the dark.

This isn’t a replacement for accepting and conquering challenges, but we want the right challenges for us – only available when we trust in life and ourselves fully!

Whatever the situation, continue reading below for some helpful ways to surrender, and as a result, trust in yourself and your Angels more.

Listen to Your Heart

Listening to your heart, as mentioned above is essential if you wish to find peace, happiness, joy and love.

Find time to surrender your thoughts and cast your worries aside. Listen closely, and trust in your heart. With practise, the volume will increase and you will find that your heart will guide you – in the perfect way. It takes great strength to trust.

Fear is there to prompt us to take action, and we must overcome these fears to fully trust ourselves and surrender.

Find this strength and find yourself – and the rest will follow.

The Alchemist is a good parable-style book to help you with this.

Talk to Your Guardian Angel

Talking to your Guardian Angel is a fantastic way to receive the love and blessings they are ready to give. Our Guardian Angels are there for us all of the time, and we only have to ask for their help and guidance and it is ours.

Simply find a comfortable and peaceful place to relax, and meditate on the thoughts and feelings of love, peace and joy. Think of happy things and memories you hold dear. This develops an aura that shines bright. Imagine the colour Gold and feel the love and peace. Hold these happy thoughts and memories.

Your Guardian Angel can now come into your life more easily, as you have created an envelope of love and light, to which they are attracted.

Ask your Guardian Angel their name and accept the first one. You may even have more than one Angel. Talk to them, be open and surrender to their love and guidance. After you’re done – thank them and show appreciation and love back.

Talking to our Guardian Angels often, can help us greatly, and puts us in the light.

This very process of nurturing the heavenly gifts, by holding the thoughts and feelings of them, can help you in so many ways – by way of appreciation, reflection and putting yourself on the right wavelength to attract more of these things.

It’s a win-win – so go and talk to your Guardian Angel and feel the love they have for you – and remember to always count your blessings and appreciate everything!

Get a Tarot Card Reading or An Angel Card Reading

Tarot card readings are perfect for developing your sense of surrender and trust. When you put your trust and faith into a tarot card deck, and focus intently, you are not only asking for help – which is commendable and also the only way to gain support and guidance – but the cards act as a filter for the busy mind we often know as a result of living our often over-complicated and stressful lives.

Tarot cards allow you to focus and listen – and with the intention of surrendering and trusting – the revelations received through the cards, from a higher source / your higher self, the Angels, or however you wish to view and frame the origin of information, will help and guide you.

The cards themselves act as channels to receive guidance from the spiritual world more easily. This is called divination, and with practise you can learn to really relax and let the love and guidance flow.

You can learn to read tarot cards yourself, but we recommend getting a feel first with a Tarot Card Reading Online or offline.

Angel Cards, a type of Oracle card and similar to Tarot, are also recommended. Angel card reading may be more suited to beginners due to the gentler more direct messages of love and support from the Angels. These encouraging words of wisdom make them great for daily guidance, and can help sharpen the intuition, which is based on your ability to surrender and listen to the messages delivered.

Many opt for Angel Card Readings because of these reasons, and also because they want to connect more with the Angels or having a calling to do so.

Again, we recommend an expert Angel Card Reading Online or offline first, to allow you to experience the benefits for yourself, which will only strengthen your desire to learn, once you see the benefits and understand more of what to expect.

It’s all a matter of personal preference, and as with both types of reading, there are additional benefits to having expert readings, because of the additional layers of insight and meaning that a psychic or psychic medium can add to the readings in relation to the cards drawn, using their psychic gifts.

However, put simply, learning to read either Tarot or Angel / Oracle cards, and using them as a channel to receive answers from the higher realms, requires working on your skills of focusing on what you want, surrendering and listening; and when you are listening to yourself / your higher self and your Angels etc., you are trusting in yourself and your Angels more – and when you do this, you’ll have all the guidance and support you need.

You’ll also be able to develop your psychic gifts in ways that further enhance your readings by identifying the feelings, visions and senses that get triggered as you pull the cards, and perhaps learn to directly communicate without the cards?

Interpreting the guidance you receive through the cards is a skill, and over time you’ll be developing this skill, which translates to increased intuition; and heightened intuition is not only a psychic skill, but also a valuable skill in life.

Who knows? Only you do – and that’s the whole point – surrendering to yourself, your higher self and your Angels – and this can be extremely empowering!

Get a Psychic Reading

Getting a psychic reading online or offline can be a very empowering and liberating experience.

A good psychic reading is achieved with a combination of finding a good psychic reader, and also how open, honest and focused you are during your reading.

There is always the balance of how much information you let on, be it emotionally, mentally, verbally and via body language – after all – all psychics are also human!

Aside from this, your openness and willingness to explore your heart and mind really do make a difference, as your energy is allowed to flow better, and a psychic will be able to pick up on this. All of this requires openness and trust.

The revelations you receive can provide great knowledge to you – from learning more about yourself from a different perspective, to gaining insight into your life based on your past and present; and similarly looking towards the future based on your current patterns – and perhaps gaining knowledge from higher realms as is the case with psychic medium readings, which again can provide great insight.

It takes courage to learn about oneself, and since a large part of the goal of surrendering is to find yourself and your path, you must then decide what information is relevant to your life, what feels right, and take action with confidence and faith – surrendering to your heart.

This may include dealing with past traumas, analysing what you are currently doing, and matching it all up, with the goal of being more true to yourself, which can then help you to create the future that is yours for the taking.

Note: You should always deal with past traumas, as they hold you back. You may want to read our article: EMDR Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

We recommend a Psychic Reading Online or offline to help provide you with insight and guidance – which all come together in the great process of inner work, to help manifest a more truer version of yourself, through recognising the need to do so, with the end result being increased trust in yourself and your Angels – manifesting all that your heart desires.

Get an Astrology Reading

Astrology readings are another fantastic way to learn about yourself, and your life path – analysing lots of interesting metrics from the Universe!

This type of reading, as well as other types of reading, can help you to become more in tune with yourself, and inspire you to take the right type of action that suits you – and also to gain insight into chance, timing, and to generally be able to work with the wind in your sails.

This is not to say you still won’t experience challenges, because as we know, challenges are there as part of our journey, to help us to grow, and to invoke the joy both during, and looking back at what we’ve achieved, as part of the process of attaining our dreams.

Astrology is the oldest science known to man, and can be extremely accurate. However as always, we must filter the revelations and guidance with the goal of moving forward in the ways that best suit our true selves.

Astrology readings can help greatly in putting forward information that helps us to understand why we are how we are, our likes, dislikes, strengths, challenges, how we interact with the world and generally what makes us tick.

This allows us to better understand our journeys, and ourselves and as with all journeys of self-discovery, we are learning to listen to our hearts, and use the guidance that comes from within and from our Angels (and the stars), to achieve more of what we cherish in life.

If you want to see what’s written in your stars and discover more about yourself and why you are how you are, then get an Astrology Reading Online.

In Summary

It doesn’t matter how difficult challenges are, and often there is no shortcut to your dreams, because the experience along the way makes up most of the joy as you grow, and then look back when you’ve achieved your dreams, at your journey, with a priceless sense of satisfaction, appreciation, joy and love.

Learning to trust yourself and your Angels is sometimes not easy in itself, but the rewards can be tremendous – the risks are far greater than the fear – a life not lived, that is true to what your heart and soul wants to achieve and feel.

Living in the light is where the blessings are. If you live in the dark, then your higher self and the Angels try to guide you back via difficulties, challenges, roadblocks and sometimes crisis – all of these things can help us to grow, and hopefully discover more of ourselves, as we are reminded to surrender to the love and support that each and every one of us unconditionally deserves.

When you accept their love and guidance, and come back into the light, you may get a different set of challenges, but you’ll also get all the help and support in the world – as you embark on a journey that is backed by the very source of life itself – and because hopefully you now trust in yourself and the Angels, and allow the blessings to rain down – that’s exactly what happens!

Living in the light is far more enjoyable – we all have a choice, and sometimes we may struggle to accept help or may feel undeserving, but the heavenly gifts life has to offer do not require approval – they only require belief that they are yours, and life is always trying to tell us this – it’s all down to whether we are willing to surrender and listen, to act, and to accept those gifts with an open heart.

And if you can share the love – even better – just like this article. What are your comments, thoughts and experiences?

© Copyright 2019

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