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Poem on Headspace: The Sun Shines After The Storm by Luke Carter

Poem on Headspace

Here is a Poem I wrote, inspired by my use of the Headspace Meditation App.

The Sun Shines After The Storm by Luke Carter

Winter sunshine through the trees

Winter sunshine through the trees


At the time of thinking, the mind is in panic,

Thoughts running away, so very frantic.

No moment for the mind, no place of calm,

Everything a blur, a state of alarm.


Tis like the seasons, and weather we see that changes,

No joy to be found amongst the constant re-arrangements.

We struggle to find our way through the fog,

Only to end up feeling as sick as a dog.


What nature has shown us holds the key,

The key to live in perfect harmony.

For when the storm comes, you only have to watch,

Watch as those stormy clouds float across.


A moment of calm is always at hand,

It’s available to every one of us in the land.

Perfect is great, but perfect can be trouble,

It’s up to us to create our own little bubble.


And when the rain stops and the winds calm,

Chapped lips, in need of some lip balm.

Hair a mess, the mind to some extend too,

Remembering the feeling of what it’s like to be you.


I sit and watch my mind like the weather,

It’s striking how they are so similar – so together.

It’s a message from nature to sit back and relax,

Because it’s the result of our mind-set that causes the tax.


Easier said than done, I know,

As thoughts flutter to and fro.

All that is, and all that you are,

Should always be watched from that place afar.


Your thoughts, emotions, stresses and likewise,

Should be confronted, uncloaked, no longer in disguise.

No easy task, for many have struggled,

To find that place of calm, your own little bubble.


Watch your thoughts from a distance, just like the weather,

Because your mind and your thoughts co-exist together.

The key is to be calm, and watch from afar,

Perhaps what it means to “Follow your guiding star”.


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