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How Taking Too Many Selfies & Photographs Can Be Dangerous

How Taking Too Many Selfies & Photographs Can Be Dangerous

You don't always need a picture. Why not use your memory? - Luke Carter

You don’t always need a picture. Why not use your memory? – Luke Carter

Find out how taking too many Selfies and photographs can be dangerous – to ourselves and everyone else around us. Are we taking too many Selfies and photographs on our Smart phones these days? And what effect is this having on us as a society?

It’s 2017 and we’re supposedly really advanced – technically, mentally and spiritually – so how come our overall happiness, sense of worth and individuality has disappeared?

This post may be very timely in fact, because we do seem to be going through an age of enlightenment – and there is a clear struggle between material and spiritual, as we become more aware of our needs as humans, compared to the throwaway society we have become used to – and all the temporary things it promotes.

Being present in the now is a key part of the journey of happiness, but being present in the now seems a thing of the past.

Quick Selfie & Photograph Facts

  • According to the Telegraph, more people were killed last year taking Selfies than they were in Shark attacks (article posted in 2016).
  • 1 million Selfies a day were taken around 2014 – also by the Telegraph.
  • Google reports 24 billion Selfies were uploaded last year in 2015 (article posted in 2016).
  • Selfies (only) make up about a third of the photos we take today.

The take home messages here are:

We’re fast becoming a world that cares more about photographs than we do life and living in the moment.

It’s not only Selfies but also impulse photography in general that is causing a shift in our experiences of the present.

The high number of Selfies taken from the above statistics is alarming, and the fact that Selfies make up about a third of the photos we take today, can either be taken as worrying in proportion, or worrying because the other 2 thirds of photos taken will also be a massive number – and we all know that photographic habits are increasingly becoming just that – habits. It’s the Camera phone effect.

We need to think about why we feel the need to take so many pictures. And how this is affecting us on so many levels.

So read on to find out what the dangers are, and how you can begin to shift your attention more to the present, in order to lead a more fulfilling and peaceful life, where you feel genuinely feel good about yourself; not worrying about everything and everyone – even if it is just subconscious.

How to Enjoy the Present and Feel Good About Yourself

Big shifts are happening though and millions are rediscovering the simple things. Life has a funny way of gently and sometimes not so gently, guiding us back to the paths of highest fulfilment.

The example below illustrates the point fantastically – and the fact that it went viral, really does show a society that is starting to yearn for the simple truths – after it’s realised that all this advancement is sometimes damaging – often in fact.

So here it is: it’s a very simple yet powerful photo of an old woman.

Old Lady Just Wanted To See The Pope

Old Lady Just Wanted To See The Pope

You can read the original post here: Photo of an old woman goes viral for reminding the Internet that the real world exists.

In the photo you can see a common scene at the Vatican, as thousands swarm to catch glimpse of the Pope. Only the Pope is subject to a huge selection of filters on Instagram and Snapchat – because most are in fact seeing a photograph of the Pope too, even though they are there – with most travelling miles and miles to be there.

The photograph of the old woman, however, shows someone knows the value of living in the present. Thousands of people hurried to get that all-important photo of the Pope – this old woman just wanted to SEE the Pope.

This is a simple, yet powerful reminder that we’re living life upside down. What are you, a sloth hanging from a tree?

Just look at the woman’s face compared to everyone else’s. She looks really happy to be there – taking it all in – unlike the others, who look frantic and stressed trying to record something (for various reasons) – missing the moment totally.

What’s The Real Cost of Taking Too Many Selfies and Photos?

Sure, it’s nice to record memories on film – but at what cost? Maybe you can take a photo a bit later? Maybe you don’t need one?

We’re not saying don’t take photos, because photos, even for the old woman are priceless, but to make them priceless means recording moments that are triggered by happy experiences – then we should take a photo. Not the other way around, because we end up missing the actual experiences! And that’s what makes us fulfilled and able to record previous memories more in our MINDS not just in film.

We used to get film rolls of 24 or 36 exposures – and we cherished them a bit more – a lot more in fact.

Even when the first Camera phone and Smartphones started to flood the market, camera qualities, storage and sharing capabilities were still not great – but every day cameras are getting better, often exceeding digital camera quality, storage costs are coming down massively, and sharing is getting easier and easier – and this all promotes more impulse.

And whilst impulse and spontaneity can be good, this is a type of excess and addiction, where most people take photos based on a need to “not miss something” or “to show they’ve been somewhere” or anything else that screams out a race that is created by and / or fuelled by insecurity.

If you spend more time comparing you have less time for daring. Dare to live - Luke Carter

If you spend more time comparing you have less time for daring. Dare to live – Luke Carter

We’re not winning the race however, and we never will like this. Something has got to change.

How to Change From Selfie to Self & Where This Will Benefit Others Too

You see, for whatever reason, our current culture (and hopefully this will change with increased awareness), has been absorbed into this world of excessive picture taking – and when something becomes so widespread, things that seem strange like taking a picture of every meal, now becomes acceptable as the shift develops.

So whether the fuel is insecurity, inadequacy, or an automatic shift not based on insecurity, the net result is the same – less quality of life because we’re living less in the present, and the present is where everything is REAL.

This can affect someone with low self-esteem badly, and even those who didn’t previously suffer from these issues. It creates a recipe for disaster that at the very least lowers your experience of life. And that’s never worth it.

Our need for instant gratification promotes low self-esteem. We can be somewhere amazing, and concentrate mainly on taking a photo, sharing and seeing the feedback – but what about our own feedback?

Self-esteem and fulfilment comes from within, and the sooner we realise this, the better – oh and if you don’t post so many pictures, you may have something to talk about in real life – and show a real album (or digital one), where the pictures taken were in the right spirits and framework to record memories first and archives second – so the odd bit of sharing is fine – but maybe there’s huge value in being present, taking more valuable photos and showing someone personally?

You know, like the good old days, where depression and low self-worth were not as big issues, as in the Selfie and excessive photo culture we have today.

The Internet had made sharing content with family so easy – and that’s great. We’re referring to the honest photography people use to take – for the right reasons – ask yourself if you are living in the moment, and if yes, press the shutter.

We’re also disrespecting people but not giving them our full attention, and putting social media and sharing first in terms of capturing new content and uploading, over sharing good times with the people we love in the moment.

So, yes capture important memories, it’s invaluable. But allow your mind first refusal at this important job it needs to do, to allow you to live your life fully.

Change Your Habits & Rediscover Life In the Now – You’ll Be A Lot Happier! And So Will Everyone Around You!

We also have another article you will probably want to read: Stop Being Anti-Social To Yourself – The Importance of Self-Love.

This article explores how you can build up yourself sense of self-worth; and when you feel better about yourself you can take control over your life, and have even more to share with others in a genuine and real way – not only online!

Really want to focus on you, your fulfilment and your life path?

Get a Psychic Reading from one of our expert psychic readers today.


What are your thoughts? Have you made the shift? How much better do you feel? Was it easy? Was it worth it? Let us know you comments below.

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