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Everything You Need to Know about New Year’s Resolutions

Everything You Need to Know about New Year’s Resolutions

New Year's Resolutions

© Laurasinelle | Dreamstime Stock Photos & Stock Free Images

Most of us know what a New Year’s Resolution is. The act of making a promise to yourself from January 1st to help a charity or be more tidy, whatever the individual chooses. Studies suggest that 50% of individuals made New Year’s Resolutions last year.

It is no surprise when almost half of us are making them that we ought to have the correct information about their origins, statistics and uses. So does making a New Year’s Resolution actually make you stick with it or is it just a bit of fun?

History of New Year’s Resolutions

The month January was named after a statue called Janus constructed in 62 BC, a God that has two faces, one to look back on the year and one looking towards the New Year. This statue is situated on a bridge between the Tiber River in Rome and Tiber Island.

New Year’s Resolutions all began two Millennia ago in Rome, following the theme of being good to others. When Christianity took over the Roman Empire in the 4th Century resolutions had been forgotten, and prayer became the sole focus.

During the 18th Century adults would avoid using resolutions, but would urge their children to commit to being kind to others in the New Year, or improve their talents. Jonathan Edwards, a famous Theologian during this time, turned resolutions into a revolution. He wrote 70 resolutions over a 2 year period, reviewing them every week.

Most Chosen New Year’s Resolutions

There are common themes to making your resolutions; these themes surround helping others in need, improving one’s own well being, or becoming more responsible.

A staggering 47% said that their resolution was based on self-improvement, either by thinking more positively, being more organised, improving their social skills or enjoying life more. At 38%, it is no surprise that the second most popular resolution was to become healthier, and improve your eating habits, to do more exercise and to quit smoking/drinking.

To improve one’s own financial situation by saving money, making small investments or getting out of debt was the third highest resolution at 34%. Improving relationships came in as the fourth highest-ranking resolution, with 31% making this their resolution by getting engaged/married, and by spending quality time with their friends and family.

Do We Actually Maintain Them? – Is It Worth It?

An amazing 75% of people maintained their resolutions through the first week. That figure dropped slightly down to 71% during the second week. After one whole month, 64% of individuals were still following their resolution.

The most common claims of people failing to maintain their resolutions were that people made too many resolutions (1 in 10), or they set unrealistic goals (35%).

So we feel it is worthwhile making resolutions, as people who make resolutions for the New Year are 10 times more likely to stick to them, rather than people who don’t make any resolutions at all. It is just about how to maintain these resolutions, maybe reviewing them every week like Jonathan Edwards, or asking those you live with to remind you and support you.

For your own personalised psychic reading, please contact one of our excellent psychic readers, who will be able to help you with your goals, challenges and resolutions.

All the best with your resolutions, and we hope that you achieve and maintain them!

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