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Don’t Slay Your Ego Just Yet – Make The Law of Attraction Work For You

Don’t Slay Your Ego Just Yet – Make The Law of Attraction Work For You

By Luke Carter – Founder of

23rd January 2017

The Secret

The Secret Book

The Law of Attraction is on the tip of everyone’s tongues these days. We’re bombarded by The Secret, The Moses Code and every other book, Twitter feed, Instagram account and the like, with well-wishing and inspiring content that promises to allow you to uncover the power to live the life of your dreams.

The Moses Code

The Moses Code Book

So, how come people still struggle? How come if everything is meant to flow easy and in abundance, do we need to exert constant efforts and struggles to get what we want? And how come this great Secret remained a secret for so long?

I’m here to answer these questions. And it won’t take long.

Look, the Law of Attraction is just as it is written, it’s a universal law of nature that states that like must attract like. We have all read the success stories, and we may even believe them. We may also notice how all those who have the success, peace or anything else it is they want, all show signs and have traits that align with the principles of the Law of Attraction. Yet we’re still reading more and more and getting deeper and deeper into a lost journey. Why is this?

We’re told to abandon our Ego’s, as this accelerates the process, and we’re told that we must listen to our hearts and go for the peace and heavenly gifts, and all the appreciation, and everything else will fall into place.

However, don’t slay your Ego just yet. The Ego is there as part of our character to drive us to achieve, and to keep us MOVING. The Ego breeds fear to cause us to take ACTION and MOVE. We may be spiritual beings, but we exist on a physical plane, and must move to attract. Standing still is no good.

The Soul doesn’t work like this, and this can be seen when someone chases money, finds it (because they really believe they will and take action), and then gets down when the money was found not to permanently relieve the woes of life. They become addicted to money and things and nothing is ever enough. I have done this, and luckily I realised (with the help of The Secret and The Moses Code), that the trick is to Give Away What You Want.

You may want to read my review on the Secret and The Moses Code and how they can help you create the life you desire.

So I started to GIVE, which can be a strange concept to the Ego, which always wants something in return. Then slowly, I managed to drop the expectation of a return in favour of a different type of return – something the Soul understands, GIVING to ones self.

I now unlocked the true power of myself. I GAVE what I could to everybody (the most powerful being kindness, joy and help, which are way above anything else), and I started to feel good, because I was GIVING in a way that involved understanding that the best gifts were already mine, and by GIVING, I actually felt like I was RECEIVING. And this was a far cry different from GIVING to RECEIVE.

I then uncovered another aspect. Originally I had been giving to receive in a sort of emotional blackmail, unworthiness and guilt. I am a good person, but life has a way of creating these mental and emotional blocks, which can sometimes be the result of Trauma, both physical and mental.

If you want to read about treating Trauma with EMDR, then I suggest you read my Review on EMDR for Post Traumatic Stress Conditions.

There’s usually a reason for these internal limiting beliefs and it’s essential that if you work on your inner game and nothing improves, to explore why in the first place you feel like this. There’s no shame in help, only the positivity of a life that feels deserving, and whatever way you choose to get to that feeling, please do it. Your happiness, joy, peace and then material manifestations depend on it!!

The long and short of it is: Work on your inner game, because we always attract what we subconsciously wish for, believe and FEEL.

The Law of Attraction is working whether we like it or not, so if you really want to make the Law of Attraction work for you, I have made some simple bullet points for you to consider.

There comes a time when you need to stop revving up the car, and put it in gear. Learn what you need, work on yourself, and make a commitment to growth.

Read my bullet points below on How to Make the Law of Attraction Work For You:

  • Read The Secret, The Moses Code & The Alchemist – they are superb books on creating the life you truly desire.
  • Decide what it is you really want – learn more about your Ego’s desires vs. Your Soul’s Desire, and understand that we need both to be fulfilled. One creates the need to MOVE and when we MOVE we start to MANIFEST. The Soul is the thing that allows us to feel the greatest heavenly gifts, which are the ONLY gifts that allow proper manifestation of all the other things below that are physical or material, in the great pyramid of desires.
  • Material desires, and achieving them is part of life, but only works to full power, when these things truly make us happy, in terms of once we are there we feel fantastic and experience the heavenly gifts as a result – and onto the next challenge. For example rather than focusing on the physical attributes of your dream home, instead focus on the feelings you desire from that home, as well as imagining what it would feel like to live there. You may be surprised at what you manifest. It may look a bit different to what you thought you wanted, but you would get what your heart wanted, and this leads back to Source, which is joy peace and love etc. That’s how to connect material to immaterial and balance the Ego and Soul!
  • Understand that if you are only seeking the Ego’s desires, then life has a way of telling you to listen to your HEART and SOUL. It’s called being unhappy! And eventually people seek the higher truths, even though it may take them years. Some may also choose to ignore it all their lives. Don’t be one of these people. Make the realisation now.
  • Understand that your EGO drives you forward, and your SOUL receives the BLESSINGS and rewards you receive on YOUR JOURNEY by way of joy, peace, love and all the heavenly gifts that ARE ALWAYS WITHIN YOU. Appreciation attracts more and accelerates the process!
  • GIVING and RECEIVING is the SAME THING. As above, you’ll realise that the Kingdom of God was ALWAYS WITHIN YOU.
  • Reach for the HEAVENLY GIFTS FIRST, because by FEELING them, you automatically PUT YOURSELF ON THE MOST POWERFUL WAVELENGTH.
  • LISTEN to your HEART. It may take some time, because you may have ignored it for so long, but you will eventually hear it. Follow it. When you walk in the light, all the shadows are cast behind you.
  • CREATE vivid images and FEELINGS of what you desire. Do this for the heavenly gifts AND the other more material ones. You may find that some of the material desires become less important. This creates a true filter on what you really want. Attracting something you thought you wanted is very difficult. Not impossible but more difficult than something you do. Plus you may have never wanted these things anyway! Do your listening to your heart!
  • Remove negative beliefs. The biggest ones are unworthiness, disbelief, guilt and mistrust. You may have all the ingredients as I had, but for some reason, you didn’t believe you deserved what you wanted deep down. OR you may have thought that you needed to struggle. There’s no replacement for hard work, but when you work in a process that involves attracting your hearts true desires, you actually become LIFE. You understand that the EGO drives you to TAKE ACTION, and when you do this without limiting beliefs (which you NEED to work on), life will supply you with COINCIDENCES, which are in fact signposts / OMENS, which you should appreciate and seize – and you’ll discover the joy of life within the JOURNEY, with the DESTINATION being the proof that you made it – and a reminder to look back on your journey with joy, at all you learnt and achieved.
  • Trust in Yourself and the Universe.

Life will give you everything you truly want. But will you?

Why has this Secret been a secret for so long? Because everyone is looking for a shortcut, and life is not a shortcut. When we go on our journeys and live in joy, love and peace, a shortcut would drive right past the miracles of life.

The Alchemist

The Alchemist Book

The Secret is living in the light of life – and it can be so bright! Now, go forth and seek our your light and live every day in this light – it’s your light and it comes from within. Pull everything you want through you. FEEL it. Claim it. LIVE.

What are your thoughts? Do you have any tips for others? How has the Secret worked for you? Leave your comments below and let’s share the gift of giving together.

© Copyright 2019

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