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DIY Tarot Card Reading – How to Read Tarot Cards Yourself

DIY Tarot Card Reading – How to Read Tarot Cards Yourself

What to Expect from this Guide:

  • Basic Tarot Card Reading Tips to Get You Started.
  • Including How To Do A 10-Card Celtic Cross Reading.
  • More info on Tarot Card Readings Online.
How To Read Tarot Cards

How To Read Tarot Cards


Knowing how to do tarot card readings seem like a glamorous skill but mind you, there are things that one must consider before taking the plunge into the great unknown. Good Tarot Card Readings (more info) require familiarity and Intuition with the symbols, that’s why it’s important to be present physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally while doing the reading. There is no specific or right way to do a tarot card reading, and as with anything in life, the skill improves and develops with constant practice. For those who want to rely on the powers of the internet, online tarot card readings are also available, but readings done by a real person are much better because your energy is more present or direct.

This DIY Tarot Card Reading post will go into some of the basics of Tarot Card Reading, so that you will understand how the Tarot works, how to put your energy into the deck, tips on asking questions, how to shuffle, how to choose a card or cards, and how to go about interpreting these cards, whether you are reading Tarot for yourself or for others. Not only will you learn about Tarot for daily guidance (1 card), you will learn about other types of reading also, such as Past, Present, Future (3-Card), and the famous 10-Card Celtic Cross Spread, which provides deeper insights into your query. Obviously, there are variations in between, but these are all good starting points.

We have also created some complimentary videos to help you understand how to bring it all together. The first video is about the basics, and the second is about the Celtic Cross spread (videos below).

With that said, let’s get into learning Tarot Card Reading!

Choosing a Deck

How To Read Tarot Cards

How To Read Tarot Cards

For this post, we assume you have a tarot card deck, and have chosen one that you felt comfortable with, or were drawn to.

Choosing a deck is outside the scope of this post, but the above following is always true: go to what you are drawn to. The Original Rider Waite deck is a very good, balanced deck, and is an “industry standard” so to speak, so you may want to consider this deck – for beginners of pros alike, but use your Intuition to see.

It is also timely to mention that different decks have different “characters” and focuses, so again, choosing a deck that suits you is really important. Also, some decks are more suited for different types of queries, and you can get decks that draw on this focus to deliver readings more in tune with your goals – many have multiple decks that they have collected, and use them for different readings.

Again, it’s all personal preference, and you must let your Intuition guide you. So, without further ado, let’s get into how to read your tarot cards.

How to Read Tarot Cards: The Basics 

Watch the video below to learn the basics of reading Tarot Cards yourself. We put this video together to show you how everything comes together – and to give you a quick start guide to Tarot Card Reading.

How to do a simple Tarot Card Reading (a compliment to the video):

How To Read Tarot Cards

How To Read Tarot Cards

  • Be silent, be still – this is the most important thing. Intuitions are best heard when the mind is relaxed and quiet. Take slow, deep breaths through your mouth or nose. Imagine releasing all of the thoughts that are in your mind as you exhale. You can always go back to the things that bother you after doing the tarot card reading.
  • Clear the Card Deck – Tarot Cards have the tendency to absorb energies from your previous reading that’s why it’s important that you clear it from residual energies. One way to do this is by shuffling the cards. When you’re done shuffling, place the deck in between both hands and imagine breathing a beautiful, bright, white light and let it travel from your arms all the way down to the cards. This clears the deck and strengthens your connection with the tarot cards.
  • Ask the question – it doesn’t matter if you ask the question in your mind or if you say it out loud. If there are no specific questions, you can simply hold the cards in your hand and ask “What do I need to know at this present moment?” or “What messages do these cards have for me today?” Let the question linger.
  • Choose your card(s) – relax and choose a card or cards, depending on the type of tarot card reading you are doing. For example, you may pull one card for daily guidance or to provide an answer to a query you may have, or you may opt for a 3-card past, present future reading (some may also pull an additional card for advice as well), or you may want a 10-card spread which delves more deeply into your query, giving extensive insights).

How To Do A 10-Card Celtic Cross Tarot Card Reading

  • The important thing to remember is that there are no rules with tarot as such; it all depends on the way you want to read the cards. For example, there are numerous layouts such as the popular Celtic Cross layout, and within this layout, there are also variations of placements in terms of what each card means in different positions within the layout – so whatever works best for you is always best!
  • Reading the cards – Get a pen and paper before reading the cards. Pay attention to the thoughts, feelings and reactions that you had when you saw the card. What was your first impression? What did you feel? Did your stomach churn? Was there a tingly, prickly feeling on your hands? It’s important to take note of these things because these are also intuitive insights – the ego/mind hasn’t had the chance to make interpretations.

Close the reading by saying thank you for all of the insights and guidance that the cards gave you. Treat yourself to a short but meaningful moment of silence and allow yourself to digest the insights from the reading. This is important, because reflection will allow your conscious mind and subconscious to understand the revelations you have uncovered and work out how to integrate the meaning in your life.

Read on to learn about how to do Tarot Card Reading in more depth.

How to Read Tarot Cards Yourself

Basic Printable Guide (Right hand click and Save As).

How to do a 10-Card Celtic Cross Spread Tarot Card Reading

About The 10-Card Celtic Cross Layout

The Celtic Cross Tarot layout, and 10-Card spread in particular is a time-honoured favourite amongst Tarot Card Readers the world over. This is because the layout of the cards and the placements are such that you gain a lot of insight into your query from many different angles and on many different levels, so that you get a detailed overall understanding of your query, both zoomed in and zoomed out. There are lots of different layouts and placements, but no right or wrong, it’s just what works for you.

The Celtic Cross delves deep into your query and uncovers lots of information that can serve as incredibly useful guidance. This spread allows you to gain a snapshot of your query in terms of the bigger picture surrounding it (or for a general reading), learn all about it, decide if your current path is in line with your intentions, goals and dreams, understand the situation on many different levels, and see what actions you need to take or not take in order to move through life in the way that you want – achieving the outcome you desire and deserve.

How to Read a 10-Card Celtic Cross Spread:

10-Card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

10-Card Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

To do a 10-Card Celtic Cross Reading, follow the basic tips above, and then apply them to the layout, following the instructions in the video. It’s that simple.

The magic of the Tarot begins to shine through as the relationships between the cards are studied, not only individually addressing the placement meaning(s), but in tandem with both the surrounding cards and generally the relationship between all of the cards, providing solid insights into your query, that are more detailed, than that of a reading with fewer cards. It all depends on how much information you want.

Generally, the more Trump cards (Major Arcana), that come up in your reading, the more life events or changes – personal to you and presently in your life now, in the past or in the future. The Tarot will help you navigate these changes through the Major and Minor Arcana (the suits that provide the details), in order to help you grow as a person, becoming who you need to be, to get to where you want to go.

Over time your Intuition will build and you will more quickly gain additional insights, spot patterns and become more fluid as a reader; all with practise.

A great resource explaining how to read the Celtic Cross tarot spread: //

Meanings Of The Cards

The meanings of the cards are essential, but what is meaning? You can memorise or consult Tarot Card meaning guides, and these can be very helpful, but you also need to develop an understanding of the cards in terms of their meditative or Intuitive meaning, both in relation to the cards themselves, but also learn how to recognise your own Intuition coming through, for how the cards personally relate to you. This can be built over time, where you’ll learn to read fluidly, and develop more awareness of the surrounding Intuitive information you receive at the same time.

Then you’ll have more time to draw associations between the cards, and look at the bigger and smaller pictures with ease. You’ll get a feeling for Tarot Card Reading – and you’ll love it.

One last thing to mention are inverted cards. If you pull a card out and its upside down, do not turn it back the other way. This forms part of your reading as Tarot Cards have both upright and inverted meanings. These are not bad, they are just different sides of the same coin. Of course, if your whole deck is upside down, then try to make efforts before shuffling to tidy up your deck. The rest is down to the cards.

A great resource for the meanings of tarot cards is: // They also have courses available to help develop more Intuitive reading of the Tarot, with less focus on remembering what the cards mean. This is what unlocks the true potential of yourself and the Tarot, and what creates truly talented Tarot Card Readers.


Tarot cards are a divination tool, offering guidance from yourself, your higher self, and Spirit. Everyone is psychic, as we are all spiritual beings, and divination helps us to connect with these higher realms, and nurture our natural connection to the higher energies, guides, and the Divine.

With time, you can develop more of this Intuition, and your readings will greatly improve, as you will be more in tune with these higher energies and can draw them into your readings for even more meaning.

That’s why psychics and psychic mediums may use tarot cards, angel cards, pendulums and other tools to help broaden their Intuition, and gain more information, which not only adds depth, but also adds accuracy. For more information read our blog post on the Accuracy of Tarot Card Readings.

The Tarot will tell you what you need to know – it’s up to you to relate it personally to yourself.

Good luck, and enjoy tarot reading for both yourself and others – and remember, it’s all about Intuition – grow this and you have a skill for life.

Get an Expert Tarot Card Reading

You may wish to seek the help of one of our professional tarot card readers, because although you can certainly develop tarot card reading skills and Intuition yourself, you would most likely benefit from the years of training and development a professional tarot card reader would have – including using their refined psychic and psychic medium abilities to provide even more guidance with or without the use of the cards – offering up lots of insights, further enhancing your reading with their psychic gifts.

Trust us – it’s great! And if you’re looking to develop your skills, knowing what can be achieved in terms of accuracy, can spur you on to build your own skills, as well as help you to relax and trust in the Tarot, which work hand in hand, to make you a better Tarot Card Reader.

At Psychic 121 Readings, we have a collection of over 300 hand-picked trusted readers, all with bios, fully rated and reviewed, so you can be sure of getting a tarot card reading online that you can trust.

It doesn’t matter where you are – because our gifted readers will be able to connect using their psychic gifts. All you need to do is choose a reader, sit back, and get answers to your questions, and gain insight into yourself and your life path.

So, to inspire and empower you on your journey, talk to one of our gifted Tarot Card Readers Online now, and claim your full life potential today.

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