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Creating The Ultimate Positive Cycle With The Secret & The Moses Code

Creating The Ultimate Positive Cycle With The Law of Attraction

By Luke Carter – Founder of

11th November 2016

Ego spirit quote Marianne Williamson

Creating The Ultimate Positive Cycle

By realising your dreams, you will be one step closer to getting on the path to your destiny, and the Universe will wholly support you through the twists and turns that allow you to grow as a person.

Read on to learn how to set up the Ultimate Positive Cycle – where you overcome the ego and listen to your soul – realising that all along everything was already yours, and that giving and receiving are the same thing.

This text has been written from experience in application by the author, with knowledge learned from both the books, “The Secret” and “The Moses Code”. So without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

The Secret & The Moses Code

The Secret & The Moses Code

Setting up a positive cycle

This sets up a positive cycle of passion, challenge, achievement, and appreciation, and we can learn to love ourselves more, because we are doing things that are kind to ourselves and that which makes us happy – which allows us to offer more of this kindness to others.

This attracts more of the things we really want and eternally deserve, not just what out ego thinks we should have, which can trap us if we are not careful.

Once you have mastered this way of thinking, it is a magical place to be – it just takes the inner work required in order to make it all work. It’s the Law of Attraction, but it takes the necessary groundwork to make happen, and by following the above, you can have whatever your heart desires – as long as you believe in yourself, and believe you can draw to you everything your heart desires.

This is easier said than done – and the biggest thing challenge is changing your limiting beliefs at a subconscious level.

Conquering limiting beliefs

Many believe that they are non-deserving and will never achieve their dreams or be happy or at peace – and this can be for a number of reasons. Their past can be holding them back, they can be feeling sorry for themselves (natural and hard to avoid), they may have been through hard times and believe that their lives will always be hard… it could be anything. They may even feel guilty for happiness.

But as long as you remove the limiting beliefs you hold, and replace them with ones of self-belief, then the whole Universe will work in your favour to align with those beliefs, supplying whatever positive outcome you are seek.

How to use the Law of Attraction

The Law of Attraction says that like attracts like, and that every thought and feeling has a wavelength, with positive being more powerful than negative, which draws to you what you truly believe in.

You’ve probably heard a lot about the Law of Attraction, made popular by the worldwide success of the book “The Secret”.

You see, the Law of Attraction always works, even if we are getting the things that we don’t want. Sadly many blame the Law of Attraction and even give up on making it work, when the truth is that is always does. One of the hardest things to accept is that we may have attracted all the bad things that have happened to us.

You are in control

Taking responsibility for this is extremely tough. But when you do, you will realise that you have the power to shape your future the way you like it. It’s an awakening of your Divine powers. God wants us to have everything we want – but the one thing he didn’t give us the ability to do is to close the door. We are what we believe, so it is extremely important to realise this now and make changes.

Often the ego gets in the way of this process, making us belief that we are weak and powerless and that (insert any material thing) will make us happy. Often people go years trying to attract all the material things, and this may work, but it is weak – for the soul does not want or need these things to be happy. The soul is only happy when it is giving.

Often people are unable to even attract the material things, because they didn’t go for the heavenly gifts first – they may have received something they think they needed, but this didn’t make them happy. The ego always believes it needs more and the cycle continues.

The thing is however, that this is a weak cycle, and not only unbeneficial, it’s hard to actually make work, because it doesn’t align with happiness. This makes attracting what the ego wants harder as well!

Go for the heavenly gifts first

Contentment quote Tony Gaskins

If you go for the heavenly gifts first, like love and peace, then those gifts, you will realise are already yours, and when you are in this state, you naturally and much more powerfully attract the things you really want (like more love, more peace), and this is where most people go wrong.

They go for things that they think will make them happy, have limited success struggling to attract them things, find life difficult and give up. OR they get the things they think they want, are still not happy, and because they aren’t happy the Universe will have a tough job delivering anything that will make them happy (or they think will). The ego then thinks it needs more, and the cycle continues.

So not only are those material things more difficult to attract, they don’t make us happy either. We need a new cycle!

We’re not saying that a new car won’t make you happy – it probably will for a short period of time, but not only will you not appreciate the car, and feel you need more, you will also have a touch job materialising it – because the energy you are sending out is that of lack; I need this, I don’t have this – and when it does arrive, it was only the ego’s solution anyway.

Like attracts like, just like a magnet. One key tip is to always go for the heavenly gifts first, and the rest will follow, like a pyramid. Place the heavenly gifts at the top and the trickle down effect will hold true. This creates fundamental happiness and peace, and if you still want that car, you’ll really appreciate it, and have a lot easier time getting it in the first place! It’s a win all round!

Appreciation is another key, but how can you appreciate if you always want more? It’s fine to want more, but as long as you appreciate what you do have, and this is far more likely if you are going for the heavenly gifts first.

So, go for the heavenly gifts first, and from that place, once you receive those gifts, you may still want that car, but you’ll probably get it. Or you may realise that now you’re happy you don’t want it so much. The point is that without the fundamental gifts, both the rich and the poor can be poor in spirit.

Don’t let the ego win

Ego spirit quote Marianne Williamson

Be strong and happy in spirit. Do things the right way round, and gain eternal and self-perpetuating happiness, love, peace and whatever else your heart desires.

The ego will always seek to make you believe something other than the heavenly gifts will make you happy, but the ego is there to make you realise the difference between what you think you want and what your heart truly desires. It’s like a system that nudges us closer to the truth.

All we must do is realise this truth. Most eventually realise, but some go their whole lives trapped by the ego. It doesn’t have to be this way. Both the ego and soul serve a purpose – realise what they are.

When you do go for the heavenly gifts, everything else falls into place like magic, and because you are coming from a place of infinite abundance, and have a foundation of peace and love etc., attracting whatever else you want is that much easier. Follow your heart. You heart will show you that you deserve everything.

Whether you still want the car or not, you now will be genuinely happy with it when it does arrive because you’re happy inside, making it much more easy to attract other things, rather than go the other route; trying to get it, failing because your energy is weak, because you didn’t realise you needed the heavenly gifts the most (only your ego tricked you) OR get the car and find you’re still not happy!

If the goal is happiness, give that to yourself first. Remember, every want has a true underlying desire, only the ego will seek to hide what that is; because it feels it’s weak without those things, whereas the soul knows different, it wants to give.

Giving and receiving are the same

The cycle of giving is that when we give, we receive. When we are kind to ourselves, we are kind to the Universe, and the Universe is kind back. When we are kind to others, we feel kindness, because it’s a reflection of the gifts we already have inside, and it is by giving that we realise that we had the gifts all along.

The ego wants you to believe that you can’t give what you don’t have, but if you are hungry, give someone some food. You’ll feel good, and you’ll get it back ten fold – because this is how the Universe works.

Another issue is that often people give, but feel guilty about receiving, so the cycle is not complete enough to continue, and they burn out – until they realise that giving and receiving are indeed the same thing, and they must be willing to receive the heavenly gifts themselves also.

Alternatively some may give only to receive, but somewhere inside, don’t believe they deserve – this can amount to the same. Give unconditionally and know you will always receive – this is the way God gives. It’s called Diving selfishness.

Already yours

Creating a positive cycle

When you give, you realise that the gift you are giving was already yours. Energy never leaves its source. Giving and receiving is the same thing!

One you have realised this and practise it, there is no greater positive cycle, and no greater gifts than love, peace, happiness and health (which is also a side effect of the former). If you want love, become love. If you want peace, become peace.

Trust your soul, and respect the ego for prompting you to go in search of the truth; when you realise that what the ego wants, isn’t what your heart and soul want.

Whether you are religious or not, the Kingdom of God / Heaven is within us all.

They say the most important journey you will ever make is 30cm long. It is the journey from your head to your heart. So go in peace, and relish your journey!

The path to happiness is never ending quote Luke Carter

“The path to happiness is never ending – because the right path is the happiness.” – Luke Carter.


Get a psychic reading

Energy makes the world go round. If you’re energy is low, then you are only attracting more low, regardless of the cause. If your energy is high, then you attract more things on that wavelength. It’s the Law of Attraction again.

Psychic readings deal with energy, are so are fantastic, not only for uncovering negative energies and patterns for you to work on, but they can also provide great insight into what you could achieve, and offer re-assurance and guidance, as well as information about your life path, based on your energy – so you can make informed decisions that suit you and your energy – a win all round!

At Psychic121Readings, we believe that psychic readings can empower you to focus more on your own energy, and give you the confidence to believe in yourself. We have over 300 talented psychic readers, specialising in all sorts of areas, all with something different to offer.

So if you want to learn more about yourself, then contact one of our readers for a live psychic reading today and see what you can uncover about you!


We recommend reading the following books (in order), if you really want to learn and grow:


  1. The Secret (also a documentary) – a great introduction into the Law of Attraction. More focused on receiving, but essential in opening the door of awareness, to realise your own Divine power.


  1. The Moses Code (also a documentary) – teaches that giving and receiving are the same thing – for ultimate freedom from the ego and to receive all of life’s real treasures – using your Diving powers in harmony with your heart and soul, for a complete awakening of the fact that Heaven is within us all.

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