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Free Daily, Weekly & Monthly Horoscopes

Free Daily, Weekly & Monthly Horoscopes

Online Horoscope Readings

Welcome to Your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes. Find your Star Sign and tap or click on it’s graphic to view your Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes (opens in a new window). Check back regularly to see what your stars have to tell you. You may want to Bookmark this page for convenience.

Free Daily, Weekly & Monthly Horoscopes

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Providing Daily, Weekly and Monthly Horoscopes for Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. Check back regularly for updates.

General Guidance About Horoscope Readings Online

Remember with all Horoscopes, that it is the Astrological alignments and interaction of the planets that signal probability, setting up the environment in which the Universal forces are expressed, thereby affecting life on earth.

You should therefore use Horoscopes of any kind to best place yourself, rather than panic over any potential negative content, making the most of opportunity.

Just be aware, that as the powerful beings we are, we have much more control than we think, but playing to our strengths, with the help of the Universe behind us always helps! It’s our life choices that make all the difference. You can of course read more about Astrology & Horoscopes on our Online Astrology Readings page.

Aries Zodiac Astrology Free Aries Horoscopes March 21 April 20
Taurus Zodiac Astrology Free Taurus Horoscopes April 21 May 21
Gemini Zodiac Astrology Free Gemini Horoscopes May 22 June 22
Cancer Zodiac Astrology Free Cancer Horoscopes June 23 July 23
Leo Zodiac Astrology Free Leo Horoscopes July 24 August 23
Virgo Zodiac Astrology Free Virgo Horoscopes August 24 September 23
Libra Zodiac Astrology Free Libra Horoscopes September 24 October 23
Scorpio Zodiac Astrology Free Scorpio Horoscopes October 24 November 22
Sagittarius Zodiac Astrology Free Sagittarius Horoscopes November 23 December 21
Capricorn Zodiac Astrology Free Capricorn Horoscopes December 22 January 20
Aquarius Zodiac Astrology Free Aquarius Horoscopes January 21 February 19
Pisces Zodiac Astrology Free Pisces Horoscopes February 20 March 20

Astrology Online – More Online Astrology Reading Tools

We also have the Astrology Online tool you see below, offering Free Astrology Readings Online, some of which go more in depth in terms of Astrological accuracy, utilising your estimated / exact time of birth, place of birth etc. to form more comprehensive / accurate readings and predictions, for example with the Free Natal Horoscope reading, which also provides you with your Free Natal Chart.

Astrology Online Tool Features:

• A Daily Forecast – showing personal factors and global influential factors, including handy forecast for any date specified from as early as 1998, so you can go back and check to see if past revelations had relevant meaning!

• A Natal Horoscope – including Natal Chart, based on additional info such as your time and place of birth.

• Natal Chart Rectification – ability to add in exact time of birth to adjust your Natal Horoscope and Natal Chart.

• I-Ching Divination Tool – online divination tool, based on the Classic of Changes / Book of Changes. Ask a question in your mind, and use the tool to help divinate an answer.

• More – have a look around!

You can also save your details on the form for the Astrology Online tool, by using the save feature at the bottom of the form (saved via your own browser, not shared). This means that you can benefit from the convenience of not having to enter your details every time, and also receive more accurate readings each time you come back. Come back daily for your updated predictions.

Live Astrology Readings

Remember, if you want a detailed and enlightening Astrology Reading, personalised fully to you, we have a handpicked selection of professional live Astrologers for you to choose from. Just browse the readers below, or visit our Astrology and Horoscope Readings page for more.


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