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Benefits of Astrology Readings

Benefits of Astrology Readings

Benefits of Astrology Readings

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There are a growing number of people who are looking at getting Online Astrology Readings these days, and for good reason. There are so many benefits that one can get from Live Astrology Readings, it’s no wonder more and more people are availing these types of services.

Astrology readings are not to be confused with psychic readings, both can reveal more information about you, but they are different in their approach and outcome. However, the 2 can work together in a variety of overlapping ways to improve your reading. Read more about Psychic Readings Online.

Astrology is an expansive subject. It is the oldest science known to man, and it works extremely well.

Astrology readings can be very exacting because of their mathematical basis, through which the readings are derived. This cosmic science, which studies the relationship between us and the celestial bodies (natural bodies outside the Earth’s atmosphere, such as the Sun, Moon, planets and stars), in the Solar System, can help us to understand ourselves and how we fit in to the world.

An Astrology Reading can therefore provide lots of useful information about who we are, our strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, how we relate to others, and what path the Universe best supports for us / our Destiny, both in the present, dependent on the positioning of these celestial bodies now, which focuses on chance and timing… and also in the future, depending on the forecasted Astrological landscape – all relevant to you as an individual.

With a good Astrology Reading we can learn of the likely “climate” we are operating in, both now and in the future, and make informed decisions as to the best route forward, with the wind behind our sails so to speak. We must convey however, that whilst the Benefits of Astrology Readings are numerous, we are in control of our decisions and our life path. Astrology is a helping hand – an insight into better understanding ourselves and how we fit into the world – it’s then up to us to captain our own ship.

If you want to learn more about Astrology in more depth, then you can read our Astrology & Horoscope Readings page for more. This page goes into the background of Astrology and is generally more in-depth, comparing generalised vs. specific readings etc., and lots more.

However, for an overview of the Benefits of Astrology Readings, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 benefits that you can expect from having an Online Astrology Reading:

  1. Find out more about yourself

Aside from finding out more about what your Moon and Sun signs mean to you, you will also learn how significant these are in your life. An astrology reading reveals the alignment of the planets in relation to you as a person, how the sky was positioned when you were born, and how these elements work together to make you the man or woman that you are in general, and today.

You will understand why certain things keep on happening to you and you will know what things you need to learn so you can finally put a stop to these things. You will learn how to play to your strengths, avoid obstacles, work on any weaknesses you may have that you need to address, and find out more about your life path, including how you relate to others, your soul mate – and generally understand how you fit into the world.

This is generally calculated using a variety of different systems and practices, or a combination of different ones, in order to balance the outcomes and gain a picture that is true to more than one discipline, therefore covering more areas.

A skilled Astrologer will likely take into account a variety of different “pictures”, when giving you an Astrology Reading Online, potentially increasing the Benefits of the Astrology Reading in general – and it’s subsequent usefulness.

  1. Develop a deeper understanding of the abilities and skills you have, and how you react to life

Knowing what the significance of our Sun and Moon signs are will also help us to understand why we have certain abilities and skills, and also how we react to life in general. We only really understand as we move through life, but knowing more about ourselves now, can help us a great deal on our journey.

As mentioned above, a skilled Astrologer will likely draw on multiple disciplines to provide you with a much more detailed picture about yourself and your path.

Knowing what the significance of our Sun and Moon signs are will also help us to understand why we have certain abilities and skills, and also how we react to life in general. We only really understand as we move through life, but knowing more about ourselves now, can help us a great deal on our journey.

Learning about these Sun and Moon forces will also help us to understand our previous lifetimes, because they are Karmic and Dharmic in origin, which in turn can help us to understand potential undertones to who we are, based on our continuing spiritual development. The influence of potential past lives if you will – and also help to form the bond between our parents and us / our family (particularly the Moon forces and in relation to the Mother and Children).

Although there is often some overlap, Sun signs are generally associated with our Egos, personalities, creativity, and how we interact with the world and vice versa, whilst Moon signs are generally associated with our emotions, mentalities, attitudes, and how we react to the situations presented in life, on a more emotional level – more from the Soul’s needs, rather than our wants.

Sun forces are therefore geared more towards “doing”, and Moon forces perhaps more likened to “feeling”. Understanding the relationship between the 2 can unlock your mind, expand your horizons and allow you to fulfill more of who are you are, and who you are meant to be – the Soul’s journey, rather than just the Ego’s.

Useful info:

In general, and it depends on how accurate you want to be, your Sun sign refers to the Zodiac sign in which the Sun was placed on the (exact time), day and month of your birth, and your Moon sign refers to the Zodiac sign in which the Moon was placed on the (exact) time, day, month, year and place of your birth.

Moon sign is a lot more specific than Sun sign, and it is the combination of these 2 forces that colour the whole person. It’s always better to have more information, and to then understand how these forces work together to create a whole; otherwise arguably, with less information, and using one sign only, we would be very similar!

There are also other complexities and overlaps, including the use of various different systems, adjustments, combinations and related factors such as Ascendant and Descendent, but they are beyond the scope of this article – however a good Astrologer will know all about these factors.

We are looking at the whole, and the more specific we can be, the better we understand ourselves. More insight into ourselves is always valuable.

Here is a fantastic article which sums up the importance of your Moon sign: //

Most general horoscopes / readings you see in the newspapers for example, are based on Sun signs only, which are fine, but often overly general in nature (on their own), that is why utilising Moon sign is also essential if you really want to understand yourself, which is the key.

As mentioned above, a skilled Astrologer will likely draw on multiple disciplines. They will also utilise both Sun and Moon signs to provide you with a much more detailed picture about yourself and your path, which is what you need to understand you real self!

  1. Gain insight into what the future may hold

A Live Astrology Reading will give you a sneak preview into what the future has in store for you. If you are not happy with the things that are happening in your life right now, then knowing what the future holds just might cheer you up a bit. You may even come to understand more about where you are now, why life may be testing you, and the necessary lessons you need to learn before progressing and achieving your goals and dreams – and how you need to conquer these challenges in order to grow into the person you need to be, to actually achieve your dreams – life is indeed a journey of growth and love.

It is important to understand however, that it is completely in our court how we shape our futures, and we alone must decide this. An Online Astrology Reading can help us to gain insight about ourselves, and how we fit into the Universe, but ultimately we must decide what resonates with us, and as we mentioned before, it is much better working with the wind in our sails than against the tide.

Our dreams may change, and that’s ok, but we must remain loyal to our path and our true desires and dreams, and Astrology can help us to gain a greater understanding of ourselves in this regard, as well help us to understand the climate now and in the future in relation to our goals and dreams – thus allowing us to follow the best path for us at any given time, like a lighthouse in the dark.

In addition to this, you may also find that you are deviating from your path, and should adjust your thoughts and actions to reflect your greater good. You may have even overlooked your greater calling in the midst of life’s busy nature, or even written off that you have dreams that you should follow, for many reasons.

Along with this, you will learn how you can change your future, by changing your approach to life, and how you can best utilise your skills to conquer challenges, find your weaknesses and improve on them as needed, and avoid potential issues, based on chance and timing both in the short and long term.

You will also learn which relationships to keep and which to let go of, what opportunities to accept, and what challenges should be conquered no matter what. You will be able to identify the types of energy you had in your past, the energies that you are currently working with, and the energies that are waiting for you in the future – it’s all there for the taking, but you must first realise yourself and your playing field, before deciding the best course of action – then you must take positive steps towards whatever it is you want, in order to shine.

  1. Identifying relationships that you should keep

It’s no secret that some relationships are either good or bad for us. At the end of the day, it’s all about knowing which of these relationships are worth keeping, and which ones should be ended or avoided to lessen the negative influence they have on our lives, and also which ones are in need of some help and understanding on our part.

We are all sensitive to those we are around, and some may not have our best interests at heart – and those who don’t need to go on their own journey. Perhaps we either attracted them in, or needed to meet them to learn from them and grow. Sometimes it’s not a case of avoidance, but necessity.

This doesn’t mean we lower our standards by any means, but just appreciate that potentially every situation is a learning experience for us to grow.

We therefore need to recognise how people make us feel, what their intentions are for us, and decide if they either support or drain us. This can be in any area of life: friendships, business partners, our social circle etc., and will ultimately allow us to recognise what relationships drive us forward and give us the most love and support, in order for us to grow to our full potential.

We will also learn more about the central people in our lives such as our family and soul mate, including finding our soul mate if we haven’t already, so as to better understand our relationship with them. But often the first step is finding out what our relationship is like with ourselves, and an Online Astrology Reading can help us do just that. The rest is up to you.

  1. Learning more about your Karmic and Dharmic influences

Most of the things that are happening in our lives are influenced by our Karma and Dharma. When we know are Karma (based on what we’ve done in previous lives, and what we need to do in this one) and Dharma (more to do with our highest spiritual paths, in which we have the freedom to choose how close we get), we become even more aware of the things that are happening around us and we begin to understand ourselves. We also begin to identify the things that we need in order to become better human beings, and to find the purpose of our lives spiritually.

Get A Live Astrology Reading Online

Find out more about yourself, your Karma, Dharma, your soul mate, what the potential future holds for you, as well as how to shape the future you want, whilst working to your strengths, with the grace of the Universe behind you. Your reader may even draw upon other skills to improve your reading.

Live Astrology Readings can help you do just that, and more, so get your Astrology Reading today, and know the real you and why you are here.


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