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Astrology & Horoscope Readings

Astrology & Horoscope Readings

Astrology readings

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Introduction to Astrology

Astrology is the oldest science known to mankind and 75% of the Fortune 500 companies use astrology to make big business decisions – this is testament to the power and accuracy of astrology readings, which is why astrology readings are so popular.

You can obtain astrology readings online, but you must be careful however, because just like in any profession, there will be good and not so good astrologers.

Do your research and choose one that has good ratings, a good biography, and also one that you feel you can connect with. Also, busy astrologers are usually busy for a reason!

It is important to note that astrology is far more than general daily, weekly predictions etc. These can be useful, but they can also be limiting, for they have not been calculated with you at the center of focus; and being extremely mathematical, it’s always better to have more input for a greater output!

Of course these predictions and horoscopes can be useful, but use them as a tool for growth rather than limitation.

The Difference Between Astrology and Psychic Readings:

It is also important to note that many confuse astrology readings with psychic readings. The two skills are in fact very different, and depend on your preferences, but they also overlap in certain ways. For example tarot card readings can be done with astrology; there are even Sun and Moon Tarot decks.

Astrology is very scientific, analytical, mathematical and exact, where the reader will require certain information from you like date and time of birth etc. Astrology readings are very good for zooming out of life and focusing on the big picture.

Although there will be lots of specific focuses in your life as well, astrology seeks to identify patterns in your life, the best timings, probabilities, and calculated outcome of any given situation. This can relate to any question or life situation.

Everything that you go through in life has an astrological aspect, which can you benefit from if you have the insight. It’s like going with your natural flow, which will always provide a better outcome.

Timing is everything. For example, a business decision may not be right for you now, but may be in the future, as the alignment of the planets and celestial bodies are more supportive of this decision.

Likewise in relationships, sometimes certain qualities may be present at different times, and this can help you to understand your partner more, or even find your soul mate if you are looking for love. It can even help you to understand yourself.

Compare this to a Psychic reading, where the reader requires little information. They will pick up on your energy, and use their skills to focus on you, without the need for any additional information. In fact, the less information the better, as it cannot have an influence on the reading.

A Psychic will use their skills to draw information in a more spiritual way, providing answers and insights that will be delivered to you in a more subtle way, often having deep meaning, which you must seek to understand.

Psychic readings can also be extremely accurate and provide you with insights to help you make decisions, and also give information on the probability of the outcome.

Ultimately the two types of readings are different. They speak a different language but they are similar in other respects.

It all depends on what sort of reading you want, and what sort of person you are – perhaps you would benefit from both types of reading? It’s good to gain insights from multiple angles.

Some readers will incorporate both skills into a reading, which can add more depth, accuracy and meaning.

At the end of the day, the body and mind can understand and use information that arrives in all sorts of different ways and forms; whatever you find useful is important.

So with a deeper understanding of the differences between astrology and Psychic readings, we can move on to explore astrology in more detail.

More About Astrology – The Basics

Astrology is the age-old study of outer space in terms of the celestial bodies it contains and specifically how these celestial bodies influence life on earth, and the greater workings of the universe as a whole. The accuracy is often striking.

A celestial body is defined as a consistent structure, that may either be bound together by gravity or electromagnetism. This includes the planets, stars, moons and asteroids – or potentially anything else that may fit these criteria.

In astrology, all of these celestial bodies have a certain influence on each other and on the whole. Like a fine watch, everything is moving fluidly, but with a precision that astrologers can study and draw useful information from.

Astrology is therefore a highly mathematical skill, that can often provide very true to life predictions / patterns of chance, which can be calculated by a skilled astrologist.

Each celestial body seems to have its own personality, and when certain celestial bodies align, they each exert their own influence on the target(s) in alignment (and each other), and it is this constant shifting that changes the dynamics of life on earth.

This is why astrologers can use this information to calculate and write up Daily Horoscopes for our Star signs etc. – including producing precise personalised astrological readings for us.

Star Signs, Horoscopes and Personalised Astrological Readings

Our star signs can be extremely telling of our baseline characters. Of course we are all individual, but if you read about your star sign, you are sure to feel a sense of connection to the underlying traits that run similar between those with the same star sign – these are the traits which you may identify with your own unique personality traits. This is based on astrological probability, and everyone is still unique!

This is probably why we hear the saying that opposites attract, because often in a relationship we need someone that possesses character traits that balance out our own, in order to exist in greater harmony as a couple.

For example, two fiery people would not create a particularly serene atmosphere. Not to say that this combination would not work; you can use this information to work together to get the best from one another, by knowing what makes the other tick.

Although your star sign description may seem extremely accurate in its own right, this only forms the tip of the iceberg.

With additional information about you, such as the date and your exact time of birth, a skilled astrologer can tell you much more specific information about your character, and other important aspects of your life, and how you fit in to the universe.

It is important to say at this point that often these patterns of chance are for one to take advantage of, rather than the outcome being set in stone.

Sure, sometimes certain areas of your life can become challenging at times, but this is where you can learn to outgrow these challenges, or choose an alternative path that may present less resistance to get to your goals.

Therefore, being aware of these constantly shifting cosmic patterns in advance can put you in a state of mind that is ready to adapt and win, which can have a great effect on the outcome.

Often timing is the key to success, and astrology can help you identify times where the stars are behind you.

We always find that the stars can align for certain circumstances to become more likely, but at the end of the day, it is whether you choose to follow your journey that affects the outcome the most. Action is therefore another key to success as well as timing and the skill to adapt and find paths of least resistance.

With this in mind, an astrology reading can help you to identify challenges and sticking points in your life, and help you to uncover your natural path of least resistance, allowing you to live the life you truly desire, working with the tide so to speak.

On a greater scale, your star sign can be thought of as a filter. When certain celestial bodies are in alignment, this may affect you differently than it may affect someone with a different star sign, and even affect those that share the same star sign differently; because although some characteristics are shared, everyone is still amazingly unique. This is why personalised astrology readings are highly recommended over generic ones.

Discover More About Yourself And Your Life Path

By studying yourself in more depth, and with individuality in mind, we can certainly throw light onto our lives.

As with any journey of self-discovery, this will allow us to put our best foot forward, whatever the cosmic climate, and achieve our greatest potential. We can see the storm, but overcome or go around it – we are working with the stars.

For example, one month we may have chances that are set against us in certain aspects, but with extra insight and understanding, we can often use these chances as challenges.

It may be that we choose to avoid certain situations, tackle any problems straight on, or find an alternative route; but one thing is for sure, astrology readings allow you the opportunity of insight, and with insight one can adapt, and when one adapts they grow as a human being, which is always a good thing.

And likewise, we may have another month where the stars are behind us in certain areas – allowing us to work with the Universe to our benefit, which is always helpful!

As such, astrology readings can help us to spot patterns in our lives, work to our potential and make decisions about our life path, be it work, home or family, and this generally helps us to get the most out of life, along with good efforts and strong will.

A good astrology reading may also uncover other vital information about your life path such as your soul mate.

It is said that certain signs are more compatible than others, and this is true from a generalist point of view, but soul mates are often a perfect match of the cosmic factors that makeup the individual.

Soul mates are said to be the most true and highest form of compatibility in the universe, and is said to be Karmic / Dharmic in origin.

Of course, as with everything, there are exceptions and anomalies, but usually accuracy wise, a good astrology reading will be strikingly accurate.

That is why it is often better to seek the help of a professional astrologer, as you are far more likely to obtain a reading that is more in tune with you as an individual, as opposed to the generality that often encapsulates the more common star-sign readings, although impressively accurate in their own right.

Summary of Astrology

To summarise, the alignment of the celestial bodies and the workings of the universe all affect life on earth, and this manifests in our unique personality traits, and sets up the stage for chance, life path and finding a soul mate.

With a good astrology reading we can become insightful of these chances, and learn to work to our strengths in order to overcome any difficult times, and likewise with our life path. We can then learn to take actions that align with our greater good.

And as for finding your soul mate, often this happens when you start to be true to yourself.

So although they say opposites attract more often than not in relationships, when you are following your greatest path you will naturally attract the people and circumstances that are right for you – and although you’ll be doing all the work in terms of creating your own opportunity, a good astrology reading can certainly open your eyes to the above.

This will allow you to make decisions that will put you on the path to your destiny – the path of least resistance – and once you are on this path, you will become like a magnet, because happiness attracts even more of the good, which can in turn improve every area of your life.

Online astrology readings can therefore be an important starting point for those who wish to explore how to work to their strengths for the greater good, and how to attract the things into their life that they really want.

At Psychic 121 Readings, we offer live astrology readings to help you discover what the stars say about you, and how you can use this information to your greatest good.

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