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Angel Oracle Card Readings Vs. Tarot Card Readings

Angel Oracle Card Readings Vs. Tarot Card Readings

Angel Oracle Card Readings Vs Tarot Card Readings

Angel Oracle Card Readings Vs. Tarot Card Readings

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Angle Oracle cards are a type of Oracle card. Throughout this article we’ll be comparing Angel oracle cards with Tarot cards.

Oracle cards compared to Tarot are much more gentle and direct with their messages, and are often referred to as Wisdom cards, where there are many different designs and themes available, depending on the focus. They are less intense, and easier to read than Tarot cards, and are great for daily guidance, where their positive vibes give support and encouragement in life.

Angel cards are the most popular of the Oracle cards, and it’s not hard to see why. Angel cards are typically beautiful, gentle and very loving in nature, also providing support and words of encouragement in their guidance.

Angel Oracle cards are designed and themed around the Angels, and this add a filter to the channeled information drawn through the cards, and also adds the possibility of communication with the Angelic Realm in tandem with the reading, whether directly and / or through the cards, depending on the reader, which most have a natural gift with, being drawn to the Angels.

You can also get Angel Tarot cards, a combination of both Tarot and Angel cards – containing gentle guidance from the Angels, organised by the traditional Trump and suited deck structure like Tarot cards have, which can add another dimension.

Essentially their use is also similar – the reader draws specific cards from a deck, which can then be interpreted, with the resulting guidance delivered to the client (or oneself). In the above respects, Tarot cards and Angel Oracle cards are one.

Both types of reading use divination, and they are known collectively as divination cards – 2 sides of the same coin, but different.

Differences in the Type and Complexity of Guidance

Angel cards or Angel Oracle cards as they are known, are much more gentle than Tarot cards (all Oracle cards are), both in terms of their messages, and the level of knowledge / skill of interpretation required to read them.

More simple and direct doesn’t mean too simple. The messages of guidance are easy to understand and to the point, yet are very relevant to your situation, and the specific guidance you are seeking.

Tarot cards however go a bit deeper, being comprised of Trump cards and suits (like a normal deck of cards), which add additional layers of meaning, making them that little bit more complicated to get to grips with and to interpret than Oracle cards, but potentially more flexible, with deeper more diverse messages.

Oracle cards do not have Trump cards and suits (apart from hybrid decks such as Angel Tarot cards), and as mentioned above, are simpler to read, and contain gentler messages, making them an ideal starting point when using divination cards. Angel cards are therefore very popular, as you would expect, with a great number of people looking for Angel cards online and Angel card readings online.

Angel cards come in a wide variety of designs and themes, and all have encouraging messages for the reader; ranging from Archangel cards that are more “intense” to the gentlest Guardian Angel cards, renowned for their very soft and subtle messages of love and support.

It’s all a matter of personal preference, and Doreen Virtue, amongst other experts, has a range of beautiful Angel and Guardian Angel cards if you want to try them for yourself – we highly recommend them!

Sources of Information & Trust – It’s All About Intuition!

The whole point of using any type of divination card is to provide a channel of communication, with the cards acting as the bridge between yourself and the higher realms – which may be yourself, your higher self, the Angelic Realm or Divine Source etc.

Both Angel cards and Tarot cards require the reader, whether it’s yourself or an expert reader, to surrender and trust in the guidance from these higher realms.

Trust and listening in yourself (and the higher realms) can be thought of as Intuition – and this is both a psychic skill, which can be developed more over time, and a valuable skill in life.

All divination cards require this trust in and openness to listen, in order to freely receive the guidance and support you are seeking. Essentially you have to ask for help – and then listen to the guidance… your Angels are waiting!

Arguably sources can overlap and combine, but an Angel card reading focuses on both the gentle and direct guidance from the Angels, filtered through the softer nature of the cards themselves, with their beautiful illustrations and messages, which add structure and character to your reading, typical of Angelic wisdom.

Most Angel card readers will have been drawn to the Angels because they have a skill in communicating with the Angelic realm, so a reading can also be done without the cards, but most choose to include the cards for structure and filtering through the theme and feel of the deck, to provide extra insight – and vice versa.

Direct communication requires medium skills as well as being psychic. These readers who can communicate directly are known as psychic mediums. You may want to read about the differences between psychics and mediums, as often people get confused as to their similarities and differences.

Likewise with Tarot cards, being able to communicate directly can add that extra level of detail to a Tarot card reading, as well as the structured and channelled guidance they can provide in general.

Although the cards alone act as a channel of communication – any extra skills in communication can add extra layers of detail to your reading.

Psychics don’t have to be mediums however to add extra levels of detail. They can use the cards as a channel of communication and use their psychic perception skills to add another dimension to the reading also, which can be extremely valuable, relating cards to you more personally.

It all depends on your reader, their skills and their preferences – and yours too.

Overall, however, you must be able to trust in the guidance you receive and integrate what feels right for real change in your life, and all of this comes together to improve your sense of who you are and what you want to become – and that’s still called Intuition at the end of the day – and a skill everybody should work on!

Similarities Between Angel Oracle Cards & Tarot Cards

Tarot card readings and Angel Card readings are similar in many ways.

Depending on your goals and needs, you can either draw a card for daily guidance, or draw a spread of cards to form part of a reading, which can be either general or specific in nature, depending on what you want. The Angels always answer in relation to what you are thinking and feeling, so you can either ask what you need to know, or ask something in specific which you want some guidance with.

Your relaxed focus and openness allows their guidance to come through, and you must trust the cards you draw, as the Angels are overlooking your reading. In this respect, you can only draw cards which have meaning to you, and are relevant, but you must be willing to surrender to this relaxed state of trust, and welcome their guidance with an open mind and heart.

Getting An Angel Card Reading

Whether you are interested in having a reading from a professional or doing one yourself, this trust must always be present, as the Angels want you to know that their Divine intervention ensures accuracy, by their very involvement.

Interpretation thereafter, as mentioned above, is somewhat easier with Angel cards than traditional Tarot cards, as the messages and meanings are simpler and more direct – making them more suitable for starting off if you want to learn to do your own readings for yourself or others.

Angel Cards are great for daily guidance, as their gentle yet direct messages of love and support have a great positive angle and encouraging vibe to them in the messages they provide.

With so much love and support – no wonder so many choose to turn to the Angels for their help and guidance. And no matter whether you choose to learn yourself, or seek the help of an expert reader, you’ll be sure of lots of insight into yourself and your journey – and that’s what the Angels want – for you to discover YOU.

Get an Angel Reading From An Expert Angel Card Reader

Angel Card Readings are one of the most popular types of psychic reading online and offline, with a skilled Angel Reader being able to communicate directly with the Angelic Realm, adding another dimension to the meanings of the cards drawn, so you can be sure of a reading that will empower and shower you with love.

Speak to one of our Expert Angel Card Readers today, and see what your Angels want you to know, and what messages of love and support they have you for.

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