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A Christmas Message 2018 – Be Your Best Self

By Luke Carter – 21stDecember 2018

Christmas Tree 2018

Life can be tough but it can also be magical.

You can achieve anything you want, as long as you are specific, yet flexible enough to be delighted by the twists and turns that make this journey so great. Believe and you achieve.

Consistently and constantly improving by 1%, yet not overthinking, but feeling your way through life, are the keys here.

Life can crash and life can flow, but it can also take you wherever you want to go.

Many need to work on the realisation that big mountains sometimes need to be endured and moved. Many never do this. I’m happy to.

Feel more secure in yourself.

Realise that busy often equals happiness in many ways. You can do it all. Those who say they cannot, do not want to. 

Delegate when necessary and build people up in the process.

I am acute at noticing what I want in life. 

Example: Delicatessens are not the same. One: Amazing range of the freshest and most exotic foods. The other: Mostly cans of drinks, some bread and a few cakes. 

You see I want the real deal. I don’t live for anything else. This is not judgement, but can look like it.

People moan about people that don’t know what they want, but also have a hard time with people that do know what they want and have gone to get it, just because they don’t want to go and get what they want themselves.

I hardly judge now, only when it allows me to move closer to more of what I want.

I do have a high standard but remember this: When one is made to feel that they can express themselves, the mirror reflects back a person that becomes much better. This goes both ways I know.

Life is bigger than the little things. The little things keep coming and become big things, because no lesson is learnt. 

I feel I have learnt a lot now and wouldn’t change the pain, however bad that was at the time. I am always learning because it is so golden, and helps you appreciate bliss – or even just know when it’s here.

I want life to be simple. If I can upgrade something I will, it’s an achievement. 

No achievement came with £1 = £1. Most people are short and it’s more like 90p to get their pound, because you are out of your comfort zone.

Always get the best you can. Push that bit harder. Get excited about the future but be grateful for the present.

You choose what you want. Every diamond is a rough one until polished, and if you enjoy the polishing process you’ve cracked it.

Life’s full of wonders. Be grateful for what you have. Everything. It multiplies. But it does the opposite if you don’t appreciate it.

Appreciate, believe, work hard on your terms where you lose track of time, be clear, believe – and keep it up. 

It’s all yours for the taking. It always was. As long as it was your true desire.

Be the best you. Be the things you want.

Sacrifice for others. Being a servant to others is the greatest of life’s gifts.

Have a great Christmas and New Year. Let’s make it a cracker. I know I will.

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© Copyright 2019

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