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5 Cool Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2016

5 Cool Ways to Celebrate Halloween in 2016


Snow White & Elmo Carved Pumpkins

We all know what Halloween consists of, carving Pumpkins, Trick or Treating and dressing up, but where did all of these customs originate from?

Most of the traditions date back 2,000 years to Celtic times in Ireland, where the festival “Samhain” meaning “end of summer” was celebrated on the 31st of October. This marked the last harvest of the year.

During European and Celtic times we know it got darker earlier, considerably colder, and the food stocks would have lessened for the coming winter months.

It was a time of worry for most, and some believed that due to the darkness, that ghosts were out to get them. People would often not leave their homes, and if they had to, they would often wear a mask so that the ghosts wouldn’t recognise them. Those that were too terrified to even risk wearing a mask out would place bowls of food outside their door to keep the ghosts happy, and free from entering their home – so you can see where the traditions came from!

People also believed that Halloween was the time of year when the living could connect to the dead, where wandering souls would come out for one night only. This belief still holds true today, as many people all over the world still take the time to remember the dead on Halloween, and some believe traditionally that by placing a candle light in a carved Pumpkin, that this can help guide these wandering souls back to their homes – and that’s why we carve out Pumpkins!

The perfect time for a psychic medium reading: If you feel like you want to connect to someone who has passed on in your life, you can by picking one of our experienced readers, and having a live psychic medium reading.

What can you do for Halloween 2016?

1) Pumpkin Carving

Pumpkins are in season during October, so it’s best to take advantage of this. Many people enjoy carving their Pumpkin; there are a number of fun stencils online to help you create any kind of image you desire – great fun for kids and adults alike!


Carving Pumpkins

Snow White & Elmo carved Pumpkins

Snow White & Elmo Carved Pumpkins

You can also use all that goo in the Pumpkin to make a Pumpkin pie, and/or use the seeds from the Pumpkin – by roasting them with a bit of salt – and enjoy as a quick tasty snack!


Toasting Pumpkin Seeds

Invest for next year by growing a Giant Pumpkin, and have a blast trying to outgrow one another! Imagine the size of the carved Pumpkin or Pumpkin Pie you can make! See: How to Grow Giant Pumpkins.

2) Go Trick or Treating or let them come to you!

It’s always fun to get dressed up; and there is no better excuse than Halloween. Buy or make some scary outfits for the kids, and take them to see how many sweets they can collect Trick or Treating, or stay at home, decorate the house and bake some scary cupcakes for the Trick of Treaters that come to your home! Either way, it’s all in good spirits! Pun intended!

3) Go to a scary show or event

There are lots of events on during Halloween, so why not get a partner or friend to go with you for a scary evening’s entertainment.

Find a spooky show like a scary magic show, or a fright night that many historic places hold around this time of year, that combine history with a bit of scare!

There are many guided tours and ghost walks around the country, and internationally, that will take you around spooky locations. So, why not take your partner or your friends and have a great time being spooked!

One example is Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh, exploring the underground streets of the Old Town in Edinburgh – a personal favourite! Try something new and create some good memories!

4) Go on your own ghost hunt

You could also arrange your own ghost hunt or “investigation” at a known haunted location. Be, be careful, respect the spirits that you may come into contact with, as they might end up having more of a laugh with you!

5) Stay the night in a haunted house

Alternatively you could stay the night in a haunted place. Many historic places such as Castles, Manor Houses and old Boutique Hotels open their doors at Halloween (and other times, but Halloween is particularly cool huh!). These are places that either have a long history of haunted happenings, or that look the part – but more than often both!

Staying in a haunted house over night offers you the chance to scare yourself witless! So why not book yourself and your partner a room – they may not appreciate it when darkness falls, but hey, it will be fun right. Or will it?

Along the same lines, although arguably more of an event, some places offer group bookings for Cluedo type Murder Mystery / Who Done It events, where you and a group can join in and solve a mystery, in a suitably fitting setting like a Country House, often dressed in attire to match. Some venues even offer you the chance to stay – all very exciting!

Whatever you do for Halloween…

Make sure you get appropriately spooked! And don’t forget, here at Psychic121Readings, we are home to over 300 professional psychic readers, so if you fancy learning a bit more about yourself, getting answers to any questions you may have – or just want to enjoy the thrill and mystery that a psychic reading can bring, then why not give us a call and have a live psychic reading – what better time?

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